Hej Solvang! (Also, I need advice!)

what happened to my ankle?!


Shorts // Cut-Out Tank (similar) // Purse // Earrings (sold out but I like these even more!) // I got these shoes for $7 at Forever21 years ago but these and these and these are similar-ish

Hej (hi) Solvang! Alec and I made a pit stop on the way home from the Madonna Inn in Solvang and it was sooo cute! It reminded me SO much of where I grew up in Poulsbo, WA! Solvang is a little Danish town and Poulsbo is an even littler German town. It was sooo hot but we still had fun looking through the little shops (they have a Christmas store there year round!!!), eating bomb.com Danish pancakes and another Danish round puffy pancake that I forget the name of, and watching the Champion’s League at a beer and sausage garden (happy Alec). Also, notice the guy making the candy reppin’ the Seahawks. Super cute town super hot day super yummy foods.

I have been trying to figure out whaaaat exactly I want to do with my blog lately…I really have loved making it like an online time capsule that I can look back on and remember all these fun memories but I’ve actually gained a bit of traction (hi, followers!) and I feel like people are going to get bored of reading “I did this and I did that. Look at my life”. But I also don’t want to just have to stick to ONLY one thing like fashion or beauty or cooking etc etc. Like I’ve said, I really love The Barefoot Blonde and I feel like I have a similar writing style to hers and I love just reading her cute little posts about stuff her family does BUT she was one of the OG bloggers and she started with her hair tutorials and that really blew her blog up. So she has earned the right to just share pretty pics and talk about her day to her followers! I have to earn my keep still! PLUS there are soooo many bloggers out there, but hey, now I am one of them! So if there is anything in partiiicular that you would like to see more of (my clothes, my workouts, my love for the kitchen, travel adventures, newlywed life, beauty, Disney, idk idk idk), LET ME KNOW. Until then, I will just keep typing along whatever fun and quirky things are on my mind! xoxoxoxooxoxoxo

3 thoughts on “Hej Solvang! (Also, I need advice!)

  1. Workout cause girl your body is amazing. But also kitchen stuff cause who doesn’t love a good kitchen. And I want to travel and your travel posts are SO pretty. And Disney. (Basically everything that you listed). Also guy making candy is super cute I wanna take a trip to solvang just to see him.


    1. You are too sweet! Thank you for your ideas! I will definitely work on those! I was just reading your blog too and omg YOU have some travel adventures coming up too!!


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