Goodbye 25!

Welcome back to my annual year in review! Overlooking the fact that I skipped/ forgot last year’s post, I like to take a look back at the year at my birthday and all the things I got to experience. At age 25 I took 30 plane flights, went to 5 countries, bought a house, adopted two pets, cried a lot, laughed a lot, joined orange theory fitness, left a job, started a new job, hosted my first thanksgiving, went to 4 weddings, was a fake bride (again), and much more. I totally feel ready to make the move into “upper 20s” (is 26 considered upper 20s or still mid 20s? let me know). This year, I hope I read more books, laugh more than I cry (am I ok?), become a youtube superstar, relearn my piano chords, keep doing orange theory fitness, purge my closet more often, educate myself further on the things I’m passionate about, and not adopt any more kittens.

Ringing in my 25th birthday at the W Bellevue with some of my best friends, my fancy shoes, and a beautifully staged hallway photoshoot.

I was the marketing and events manager for a luxury transportation trade show in Vegas and it just about killed me. Here are the only two pictures of me not sprinting up and down the show floor with 7 walkie talkies.

I ate one of my favorite dishes in the whole wide world, the butter and sage pasta from Spinasse in Seattle. If you know, you know and if you don’t know, what’re you doing with your life?

Alec and I were able to go to Southeast Asia this year with his parents and it was truly incredible. I would literally move to Singapore I loved it so much, Bali was incredibly beautiful and incredibly cheap (minus that 21 hour flight) and Thailand was, an experience.

I actually bet my family that we wouldn’t go to any Disney parks this past year. Here are a couple photos from trip 1 of 3 that we ended up making…

One of my 30 plane flights was to and back from Scottsdale to visit my favorite little teacher in the whole wide world. Disclaimer: not prison jumpsuits, just deceiving-on-the-hanger Anthropologie sweatsuits.

My coworker’s friend was fostering a little kitten that was found on the side of the road and once we saw her little face, we were suckered in. We love our Piper!

Here I am looking moody yet cute at a wedding in Malibu next to a photo of the Office themed party I quickly threw together for Alec’s birthday in May lol

My mom and I jetted off to Beverly Hills for a conference and fun girly weekend where we ate an unreasonable amount of black truffles. No ragrats.

WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!! This was an enormous milestone for us and we still say “I can’t believe we have a house” on a weekly basis to each other.

Here I am as a bride for the 3rd time….at this point it is really becoming an annual occurrence. 2020 bookings available!

I got to throw one of my bffs, Kristina, a golden birthday party for her 27th and I really stuck the landing with the gold theme.

Alec and I went to Vancouver Canada for the first time with my parents over Labor Day Weekend and it was just smashing. Beautiful city, beautiful nature, beautiful food. 10/10 recommend.

Then we headed off once more to Sun Valley, Idaho for another wedding and were able to get in touch with our outdoorsy side….

Piper was truly over the mood THRILLED to dress up as the crocodile from Peter Pan for Halloween. That face just screams “I love this for me”.

This is a testament to “never go to the humane society to just look” because you WILL come home with a second kitten. Welcome to the Fern Fam, Theo!

Kristina *finally* got engaged and the bridal shower I’m throwing her this year is going to be a Pinterest dream come true.

I hosted my first Thanksgiving in our new home & sent out some punny Christmas cards. I also decided this is the last year I send out a physical Christmas card because it cost way too much lol

Alec and I broke our golden Disney rule and went during Christmas week.

Rounding out my 25th year was a trip to Disney World with just the two of us. It was obviously SO fun and even though I said afterwards that I had my Disney fill for awhile (something I rarely say), I feel like I could already go back again.

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