What to Eat in Walt Disney World

Magic Kingdom

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich | Sleepy Hollow Refreshments |Rating 9.5 | I honestly have zero complaints. It wasn’t anything revolutionarily mind-blowing, but this was a top notch waffle with soooo much Nutella. Worth the 20 minute line.

Peter Pan Float | Storybook Treats | 8.0 | First and foremost, how cute is this?! It is a lime dole whip with Sprite and a chocolate feather that is clearly just for show as you saw in the video but it was quite refreshing on a warm Orlando day!

Buffalo Chicken Tots | Friar’s Nook | 7.0 | So. I don’t like buffalo flavored things so this just wasn’t it for me but my husband loved these! Again, nothing crazy unique but definitely a solid snack.

Be Our Guest Restaurant | 8.5 | I just love this restaurant and going for dinner is the best meal of them all (even though it is $$$). The food is pretty good, it is clearly mass produced because that place is HOPPIN but the ambiance is unparalleled. I recommend the salad over the lobster bisque (it tasted like water & overwhelmingly lobster-y at the same time) and I highly recommend the filet mignon…delicious! You’ll probably have to keep checking online for reservations if they are full since it is one of the most popular (if not THE most popular) restaurants in all of Disney World. I started with a breakfast reservation and eventually was able to snag a lunch reservation and like two days before the trip was able to snag a dinner reservation! Don’t give up!

Animal Kingdom

French Toast Sticks | Pongu Pongu | 7.0 | I mean, they were good…basically what you would imagine. Packaged syrup for dipping. If you need a bite for breakfast, this’ll do just fine (or you can go to the Starbucks in the park).

Egg & Biscuit Sandwich | Pongu Pongu | 6.0 | I usually love breakfast sandwiches but this little guy (emphasis on little) was quite dry and crumbly. Again, it’ll do to give you something to eat to start your day and at least you get a little protein but I wouldn’t go out of my way for one.

Night Blossom | Pongu Pongu | 9.0 | Delicious! It is obviously sweet but not like sickeningly sweet and the sourness of it cuts through the sweet.

Pineapple Cream Cheese Lumpia | Pongu Pongu | 8.5 | Okay this was super fun and yummy and basically exactly what it sounds like. You can also get these in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom!

Seared Pork Potstickers | Yak and Yeti | 8.0 | Not the best potstickers I’ve ever had in my life but still delicious and crispy! I’d order them again.

Chicken Tikka Masala | Yak and Yeti | 9.0 | Ugh, best tikka ever. You have to order it. It is nice and spicy with delicious naan. Alec and I easily shared these two dishes for our lunch.

Jiko | Animal Kingdom Lodge| 8.5 | This was a delicious meal! Definitely one of our most expensive but it is a signature dining restaurant at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and we ate well! They start you with African focaccia bread and we shared the wild boar appetizer. The yumminess surrounding the boar was actually better than the meat in my opinion 😂 Alec would disagree, I’m sure. The filet was delicious and had fabulous African spices. We didn’t get dessert but we had some lovely African beer and wine instead!


School Bread | Krugla (Norway) | 10.0 | We waited weeks in preparation to try the infamous School Bread and it did not disappoint. I honestly can’t believe we only had one! The more I ate, the better it got. I was literally scooping up every last drop of cream from the plate. The cardamom dough with the vanilla cream filling topped with toasted coconut was amazing. 10/10.

Les Halles Boulangerie Pattiserie | 10.0 | I also don’t think you will eat anything better in all of Disney World than the pastries and baked goods from France. Here you are looking at croque monsieur, bacon and cheese roll, chocolate croissant (Alec said it’s the best he’s ever had), strawberry tart, and lemon meringue tart. Just…wow…amazing. We actually went back at night and grabbed another chocolate croissant and lemon tart to save for breakfast the next morning. Pro tip though– you must ask them to heat up your savory treats! That warm, toasted bacon and cheese roll was borderline life changing.

Kakigori | Kabuki Cafe | 8.5 | Again, a delicious refreshing treat even on an Orlando day in January. This is a super fine Japanese shaved ice and we got a trio of flavors — tangerine, strawberry, and melon. Be sure to pay $1.00 extra for the sweet milk topping!

Creme de Brie en Petit Pain | L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise (Festival of the Arts) | 9.5 | So this is a Festival of the Arts exclusive treat but WOW it was amazing. The brie cheese just tasted so different than normal brie to me and I eat a lot of brie 😂 it was so creamy and not bitter at all. Amazing. If the line wasn’t so l long, I would have had more.

French Martini | L’Art de la Cuisine Francaise (Festival of the Arts) | 7.5 | While this was very yummy and refreshing, I honestly don’t think there was alcohol in here lol it tasted exactly like a melted Flinstones push-pop which I mean, tasted nostalgic, but I would recommend getting the frozen grand marnier or orange grey goose slush that are staples in the France pavilion instead.

Fish and Chips | Yorkshire County Fish Shop | 8.5 | Alec said these were some of the best fish and chips he has ever had. EVER. I will say that the fish was super good with a light batter and piping hot. The fries/chips were just ehh in my opinion but I mean, unless they are truffle fries, shoestring fries or McDonald’s fries, it just isn’t going to get top marks from me.

Giant Pretzel | Das Kaufhaus | 8.0 | To round out the blog post, we had to head to Germany to share a Beck’s pilsner and giant pretzel. The pretzel was perfectly cooked, nice and hot, and plenty salty. We didn’t nab any mustard packets but it was still delicious and nothing helps a doughy pretzel go down like a German brew, ya know?

There are a handful more items that we tried and didn’t get a photo of but they are all in the vlog so be sure to check those out!

Be sure to check out my Ultimate Disney World Guide too!

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