Eating My Way Through Beverly Hills

A few weeks back I was in Beverly Hills for a conference and made good use of my time by eating at some of the yummiest hot spots in town. I am a self proclaimed foodie and think enjoying a high-quality wine and dine is one of the great joys of life. I wanted to share a handful of places we ate, what we ate there, and one of the most unique dining experiences I have experienced.


Well let’s just start with that teaser of the most unique experience I’ve had. When making a reservation online, I had to share my social media handle and then wait for a response from them. We got in (thanks Instagram) and got ready for our Asian inspired dinner. When we go there, we were seated in a private but really premium table and I was presented a personalized letter on a tray with a note inside thanking me for coming to experience the restaurant, signed by the owner and chef. I was like “dang, my instagram must really be poppin”. We were then served complimentary champagne and brought out complimentary appetizers. It was an incredible meal and a really cool restaurant. The chef, Helene An, came to my table at the end of the meal to thank me for dining there. I don’t know if this whole experience is a super common thing there, but I felt pretty special since I didn’t see anyone else around us getting that sort of treatment.

But let’s get to the actual food here.


Tuna Cigars (Instant Smoke, Feuille De Brick, Avocado Silk, Vidalia Onion, Tobiko Caviar)

Truffle Hamachi (Yellowtail, Truffle Citrus Ponzu, Flying Fish Roe)

An’s Famous Garlic Noodles (Roasted Garlic, An’s Secret Sauce)

Steamed Shrimp Dumplings


I. Love. Spago. I love Spago so much that we are may not have popped in here on THREE separate occasions over the weekend (okay, we did. One for actual dinner, one for ahi cones and a glass of champagne, and one for a late night truffle tagliatelle to share). Let me tell you this….that truffle tagliatelle is in the top 5 things I have eaten in my entire LIFE. Maybe top 3. Actually, it might just be the best thing I have EVER eaten. I really really like the taste of truffle so combine fresh truffle + homemade pasta + a sauce the tasted solely of butter and more truffle = happy happy Heather. Their ahi cones (not on the menu but they always have them so make sure to ask!) are incredible also and I get them every single time I go to one of the Spago’s around the world.


Farmer’s Market Heirloom Tomato Salad, Italian Burrata “Mozzarella,” Beet Basil Pesto Aioli, Prosciutto

Spicy Ahi Poke in Sesame Miso Cones (Chili Aioli, Tobiko)

Australian Black Truffles with Tagliatelle

Bananas Foster Souffle (brown sugar rum sauce, candied pecans, buttermilk gelato)


This place was SO cool. Plus we sat next to Tyra Banks. So that made it extra cool. It has only been up in West Hollywood for a few months now and is already topping the charts as one of the best restaurants in the city. It is a full tasting menu but with a lot of flexibility. You get an option for a four, six, or nine plate tasting but you can add any extra plates you want to try. You can also choose between two different wine pairings depending on the quality you plan to sip (spoiler alert: none of the wines are less than fabulous quality so…). They also brought out a ton (like, six) complimentary dishes on top of what we already ordered so we basically rolled out of the restaurant. Just kidding, everything was so healthy and portioned properly so we left feeling quiet content!

What we ate:

They brought out complimentary crispy pigs ears, onion tart, buckwheat crepe with fancy aged prosciutto, sourdough with avocado butter, candied edible leaves and rhubarb candies

Santa Barbara Box Crab (tomato seeds & gelee, nasturtium, seaweed-lemon granite)

Channel Islands Black Cod (sauce of its bones smoked over embers, brown butter, watercress)

A Bowl of Grilled Cherries (koji-aged liberty duck, mustard greens, black garlic)

30 Day Dry-Aged Rib Eye (morel mushrooms, kombu, Australian black truffles)

Yogurt (mushroom caramel)

Rose (buckwheat honey)

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