We Bought A House!

I can’t even believe I am typing these words out but we bought a house!!! AHHHH!! We are home owners!! Ahhh the responsibility!! I just…am so grateful, truly that we own a HOUSE!! And it is everything I could dream of and more for a first home. We were really conscious when picking a home because we wanted to buy a home that we would want to be in for years and years and years. Not just a 2-3 year home or a fixer upper or a flipper. 1. We don’t possess the skillsets needed to be fixer upper/ flipper people and TRULY more power to the people who can because that is amazing and I admire that so much and 2. I hate moving/ hate feeling unsettled so it was really important to find a home that we’d want to be in for awhile.

So how did we end up buying a home?! We had home buying on the horizon but were thinking that we would be much more serious about looking for a real home at the end of the year. But at the end of June, on a free Saturday, Alec suggested we hit up a few open houses just to get ideas of what we like in a home (this isn’t uncommon…we have probably gone to like 15 homes for funsies) and we walked into this home and immediately were like “oh, this is our home”. Yup, it was one of those stories. We went back at the end of the open house to look at it again, brought my parents to look at it 2 days later to get a real home buyers opinion, made an offer the next day, and the sellers accepted it the following day (you can see my reaction in the video ^). It was so surreal, so fast (this entire process has just been, SO SO fast) and we truly feel like this is OUR house and clearly meant to be. I really can’t believe we own this house.

(P.S. If you are in WA and in the same boat, I really really can’t imagine working with anyone else but our FANTASTIC realtors. Like, they made the home buying process so easy that Alec and I joked that buying furniture has been more stressful than buying the house. And that’s saying a lot. So check them out if you are in the home buying/ selling stage of life!)

So since we are moving from an apartment into a 4-bedroom house, obviously it will take time to furnish and decorate and make it feel like it is ours. The one challenge we have accepted is the fact that it is quite grey. Floors, walls, ceiling, carpet….grey. But it has gorgeous white trim and a stunning white kitchen and white bathroom cabinets so we are just going to furnish around the grey for now with light furniture and rugs and you can be sure to stay tuned for all things home decor. In fact, let me know below in the comments if you want me to go really in depth like sharing links of what we buy and take you room by room when we get into the decor or if you just don’t care lol. Also like you saw in the video (if you watched it!!), there are certain rooms where I am totally open to decor suggestions + landscaping suggestions. I want to make sure we do all of this right and take our time and invest in quality pieces so this won’t all be ready to roll in a month but hopefully soon enough because patience is a virtue I am working on….

But until then, take a peak at our empty home tour video and take a peak at some pictures we took on closing day (yesterday lol) and some of the professional photos that were taken of our home!

3 thoughts on “We Bought A House!

  1. Hey girl, love your videos!! My husband and I planning on moving to Washington late february early march, we are from California as well. Do you have any tips and are there any towns or citys you reccomend iving? Also I didnt see it in your origional video from moving from CA to WA, where did you guys end up moving?


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