Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019

Eeeeeek the MOST FUN DAY OF THE YEAR I am not joking. This year was especially fun because I got to go with my mom on opening day for Icon members only and we TRULY shopped til we dropped. We were in Nordstrom from 10am-8:30pm!!!!!! The sale is SO good this year, you guys. Last year was ehh and this year I had to seriously stop myself from buying more and more!

I thought about breaking this up into two posts- my favorites and what I actually bought but I decided to just make one super-post and share it all.

I HIGHLY recommend buying whatever you love (don’t worry, I am linking EVERYTHING) because last year, things literally sold out in a day. Like, actually one day. Plus Nordstrom has free shipping & free returns so you could literally buy 100 things, hate them, return them, and be totally fine.

And remember that starting tomorrow, the sale is open for all cardholders online and in-store and it opens up to everyone on July 19 – August 4.

Also, the two departments I slacked in were accessories and jewelry. By the end of the day, I had tried on so much that I was tapped out and wow I certainly do not need ANY more earrings. They also had a ton of great beauty deals but I wasn’t really in the market for any of that.

There are a handful of things that I bought that I didn’t get to photograph so keep scrolling to the bottom to see those gems.

Without further ado, I give you…..The 2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!

Ok I am starting off with these Steve Madden thigh high suede boots. These are an absolute steallll and are such an amazing price/ heel height if you are in the market for a pair of these bad boys. I didn’t buy these because for me and my shorterish legs, they actually weren’t quite high enough. They cut off my legs weird and I needed like one more inch of fabric but I highly recommend these killer boots for the fall season. (size 8, tts)

I actually DID buy these Marc Fisher boots. They are SO cute and sooo comfortable. I feel like depending on what you are wearing, they will pick up more grey or more blush. They are a bit taller in the front than a normal bootie so a cute cropped jean or even a formfitting dress would look so good with these. (size 8, tts)

  1. These Madewell flats were SO cute and sooooo affordable! I couldn’t help but buy them because I truly don’t think I own one single pair of flats. Literally. They aren’t just fabric, they actually have the texture of fur (obvi they aren’t) but these come in a few different fabrics and I think they should be a fall staple for that price. (size 8, tts)
  2. LOVED these Paige booties soooo much. But they were a pretty high heel and considering that I’m already 5′ 7″, I didn’t wanna be walking around town at 6′ tall so I had to pass.
  3. Loved these Vince mules! I have a solid handful of mules at this point plus I bought snake skin booties last year, but if you aren’t in that boat, these are extremely comfortable/ cute.
  4. Okay I was SO obsessed with these Tory Burch sandals. They also come in tan which I was sooooo close to buying but you have to draw the line somewhere, right??

Ok I am starting off with my creme de la creme. This Frame coat is SO KILLER. I had to get it to keep my fall fashion game at the top of the charts. This coat was definitely a splurge considering it is a trendy piece, but if trends don’t phase you, you will be wearing this coat for years to come!! (size S, tts)

I had to buy this gorgeous dress also (ps you can probably catch me in this number for every upcoming holiday). The length is so flattering and so were the sleeves and it was the kind of dress you can show up in thinking “yeah I have curves but yeah I can also wear this around grandma”. (size 4, tts)

You guys don’t even know…I wanted to love this coat SO badly. It is a shiny, water resistant fabric and it was about to fulfill all my chic inspector gadget dreams, but it just didn’t look cute in person and it also looked huge. I would definitely recommend sizing down if this gingham number peaks your interest. (size S, fits big)

The battle of the leopard sweaters. I bought one of them….can you guess? Left or right? Ok well spoiler alert, it was the left one. I actually tried it on first and bought it before I even happened upon the BP version. I have a feeling a lot of bloggers are going to post about the BP version but personally, I think the left version was WAY more flattering. I also think the fabric was much nicer and I tend to get really hot so I prefer a fabric that isn’t so thick. (both size S, tts)

$35 JEANS. I REPEAT. $35 JEANS!!! Obviously I had to get them because 1. so cute and flattering and 2. $35 jeans. I also got this super cute silky tank because that is one of my go to looks, not just for fall but in general. They have multiple colors in this top like leopard print, floral print, and solids, and for this crazy good price, I’m sure they will sell out quick! (size S top, tts & size 27 jeans, tts)

I always want to make these skirts work on me and they just never do. I don’t know what it is but I either look like I am trying too hard or it just isn’t me. BUT if you are in the market for this type of item, this skirt was really good quality in person and fit really true to size. (size S, tts)

Ahh, this Vince coat. Isn’t it gorgeous? Once again, I really did want this coat but even on sale, it was creeping up to $500 and that just wasn’t gonna fly. But this is one of those forever coats. The quality was fabulous, the oversized fit was surprisingly flattering and the color was stunning, If you are ready to invest in a stunning piece of a coat, run to this coat. (size S, tts)

Green Sweater | Maroon Sweater. You will find that there are a TON of cardigan/ sweater/ dusters this year the a N sale and these are two of my faves. I didn’t buy either of them (because my mom snatched them from the dressing room and took them for herself) but they fit so well, were so comfy, and priced really well for the quality. (size S, tts)

Ok so I tried on the 2018 version of this sweater last year and felt the same way. Wish I could pull it off, it isn’t me, and the cut isn’t flattering on me. Being slightly more curvy/ busty, I have to find clothes that really cater to my shape and this just wasn’t it. BUT it was V soft. (size S, tts)

But this is also a two-fer…see that cute “merci” t shirt in the background? It is J Crew for Nordstrom and only like $20 something dollars and I meant to buy it and somehow forgot to grab it so it looks like I might have to take advantage of that free shipping….

Okay so this is a twofer as well because I bought that super cute navy midi dress underneath this duster and I am going to wear it a ton under long coats with boots all fall and winter. I didn’t buy this duster because I didn’t think it was that flattering in person but the more I look at this picture, I am second guessing myself….. (both size S, tts)

This pullover is going to be another popular piece this year. It is SOOOO soft. AND they have 4 different colors of it. So cute right?!?! (size S, runs big in the mid section)

Remember what I said earlier about how I like to buy things to accentuate my waist? Exhibit A. Yes, I bought this coat but hello you can’t blame me because how GORGEOUS is it?! It is so thick and warm and will keep me feeling so snuggly throughout our WA winter. (size S, tts)

This cute little Leith jacket is so thin and light and is the perfect way to dress up any casual outfit. You can wear this with little flats or a pair of heels to go from work to dinner date. A must in your fall wardrobe. (size S, tts)

Ok you can’t totally tell in this pic, but this simple little Allsaints dark grey tee has sparkles throughout it and I’m sure it will be a staple for me this fall. I usually don’t love grey because I get hot easily = sweating = not cute with grey but this one is dark enough and a really great balance between too thin and too thick so I’m sure I will be wearing this one a lot. (size M, tts. I don’t like tight tees)

So besides that red Frame coat, I considered this my “splurge” because these Barefoot Dreams blankets are not cheap (they are even more not cheap AFTER the sale) but I have truly been wanting the white and tan leopard print one for like two years and finally decided to make the plunge and buy myself one. I am such a dork but all day I was talking about how excited I was about my blanket. They are THE softest blankets in the world and I HIGHLY recommend getting one for yourself now because they sell out really quick every year.

So a couple things that I didn’t get pics of are…..

This super cute Frame tank. Again, a bit of a price tag for a simple slip tank, but the aim of my N sale game was to find some quality pieces that I can have for years to come instead of finding a bunch of stuff that I can get for the cheapest price. I can wear this with a ton of colors, jackets, and sweaters in every season.

I also got myself two of these Antica Farmacista oil diffusers in the scent Prosecco because I PROMISE you will never find a better scent in your life. Maybe it’s because my mom has this scent in her home so it just feels comfortable to me, but it isn’t sweet smelling (despite its name) and is such a sexy, welcoming, warm scent. Do those adjectives all go together? Sure! These only go on sale once a year, at this sale so again, I HIGHLY recommend picking them up. They have a smaller version available as well.

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