Throwing an Office Themed Party

Dang I am behind. Your girl has GOT to prioritize her life for real. This magnificently easy party was thrown over a month ago!! C’mon Heather…you’re better than this.

So if you didn’t already see from my insta (maybe you did but you forgot since its been ages), my sweet husband turned 27 and we just so happened to be down in California (again) since he was in his friend’s wedding in Malibu (I have pictures of that below, too)!

So the next day, I put together a lil get together BBQ at his parent’s house with some of our friends and of course any party I throw has to have some sort of theme (ok maybe not everyyyy party but don’t themes just make it more fun!?). I was going to be gone with wedding festivities and the morning of the party we rented an electric duffy boat to go around Newport Harbor for Alec’s bday so I wasn’t going to have much prep time. So I tried to pick a theme that would require the bare-minimum as far as set up goes and ta-da, The Office themed party was born. I’m serious…all I did was print a bunch of pictures out on cardstock ahead of time along with a birthday sign and tape them to skewers and then buy a handful of specific foods to match said pictures. I wasn’t even organized enough to blow up sad deflated grey and black baloons (if you know, you know). All things considered, I think it turned out pretty darn good for what it was. Good food, good drinks, good weather, good people, and good Office memes are all you need for a solid party…

Here are some bonus pictures from our trip that I wanted to share because they’re cute lol

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