How I Fight Fatigue

Hi everyone! Remember me? Dang when I tell you that my life is busy right now, I mean it is BUSSSSAYYY. I am essentially working two full time positions at my job right now while a few things get shuffled around and am full time marketing manager and full time event managing. I leave for Vegas at the end of the week for a major event that I am managing for thousands of people and THEN the day after I get back from my Vegas trip, Alec and I leave for our big Asia trip! So to say things are hectic is an understatement but I am surprisingly calm/ not surprisingly organized. I have had my Asia clothes packed for weeks and I have lists on lists on lists for everything going on so nothing slips through the cracks since my brain has been running a million miles a minute the past month. I am just hoping that I will be so burnt out from my Vegas show that I will sleep like a baby on the 21 hour plane flight (also, that is a horrible expression because babies do not sleep well. Who came up with that? Was it sarcastic? I need answers.)

In an order to keep bringing premium content to you all, I shared a few photos up there of this past weekend’s activities….we went out with friends Friday night, cleaned/ gymed/ grocery shopped Saturday, and went out to brunch at a place called Netshed (where I had that ammmmmazing lemon curd blueberry French toast) with friends, went to look at model homes, and chilled with them all day Sunday. Alec and I also have something going on/ are getting together with someone every single evening this week so yeah…busy.

It felt appropriate to tack this whole intro onto today’s post which explains what I do when I am TIRED (aka every day of my life lately lol). Life moves on whether your eyes are open or not so here are a handful of my tips of things to do when you are feeling BEAT:

  1. Ugh…coffee (how cliche) but I don’t like coffee so BLACK TEA. Okay like I have said many times, I only have my 1 caramel Nespresso pod a day so I can mix in my collagen and if I mix it in my spinach smoothie then it makes it too creamy. If you know, you know. BUT I will say I definitely do feel more awake when I have coffee, sorry. BUT BUT, I also feel awake when I have black tea, iced or hot, no sweetener. (Grande iced black tea no sweetener is my ⭐️ bucks go-to). So basically this all a placebo effect type of situation. Or you know, its just good ol caffeine. But do NOT drink energy drinks. Seriously like just swallow a cup of sugar and call it a day in that case.
  2. WATER. So basically I always wake up tired no matter how much sleep I got because I’m not a morning person. And you should ALWAYS drink a glass of water right when you wake up because you have been asleep for 6-8 hours and your poor little bod is dehydrated. But drinking water really does keep you awake because your body needs lots of aqua to stay hydrated so if it is lacking, then you are dehydrated and dehydration leads to fatigue. No water = Dehydration = Sweet Dreams.
  3. Go on a walk/ workout. This one sucks because who wants to go to the freaking gym when they’re tired??? That ain’t it chief. However, I feel like this applies more for me at work because obviously I can’t just go home or take a nap but there is a trail by my office so I will take 10 minutes and go for a walk and moving my body + the fresh air gives me a bit of a pep in my step. Doing some squats helps too because that gluteus maximum is the largest muscle in the body and it’ll wake you the heck up to move it!
  4. Get something done!!!! Sometimes when I am on the verge of sleep-death, getting something really productive done helps me mentally. Like getting some big thing checked off your checklist at work or doing a deep clean of your home. Because
  5. Let it happen, girl. Do the bath, do the heating pad, do the wine, night night.

2 thoughts on “How I Fight Fatigue

  1. Goodluck on your event! I’ve been going on walks lately at work just to get some more energy as well. Black tea is bombb, and one of my favorite teas. Great tips and advice, can’t wait to hear about your Asia trip.


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