Favorite Affordable Shops

So it’s probably no secret that your girl loves to shop. I have definitely reigned it in and I don’t have a problem or anything like that (but isn’t that exactly what someone with a problem would say??). I go through seasons where I have zero desire to buy anything at all and seasons where my credit card is smoking. Right now I am tipping the scale towards the latter since we are getting ready to head to southeast Asia three weeks from today!! I just placed a few final orders and will share my finds once everything is here but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to shop that won’t break the bank. I love a good Nordstrom haul and I love a beautiful designer bag but that kind of shopping is not practical for every single piece in my closet right now.

Jumpsuit | Sandals | Shorts

Red Dress Boutique | I actually just started shopping here literally a month ago and I am OBSESSED. Red Dress has some seriously cute stuff for really awesome prices. I am totally down to pay $50 for a dress instead of $150 from Nordstrom or Revolve. The quality is actually very good considering the price and I won’t feel bad parting with some of these items when they aren’t trendy anymore. They have some of their own branded clothing and some other brands mixed in and I would suggest actually taking measurements to make sure you order the right size. I feel like they fit pretty true to size but maybe ever so slightly on the small end. Or maybe I just need to hit the gym lol.


Polka Dot Dress | Striped Dress |Button Top

Sabo Skirt | This is another suuuuper cute brand especially as we come into spring and summer. I love their vibe and colors and overall style and they also have really good price points. I will say though, since this is an Australian company, unless you want to pay a pretty penny to return something if it doesn’t fit, you can’t really return anything. Also be super mindful of the sizing. I always size up when I shop here because it is Australian sizing.


Emerald Dress | Leopard Pants | Red Dress

Showpo | I also recently found this website and they have a bazillion things for all different kinds of styles. Again, obviously, very affordable and they ship really quick. However I definitely don’t think their quality is the best, just from the couple of things I have boughten from them. Nothing a cute filter can’t fix but you get what you pay for with this one.


Initial Necklace | Cover Up | Sun Hat

Amazon | Okay this one is hit or miss so you have to be careful because a lot of this stuff ships from Asia and you will get what you pay for here also. But I love buying some cute trendy necklaces (I have that necklace) here, sun hats (I have this hat) or pool cover-ups. I even bought a super cute Becca bikini from Amazon. Plus I’ve bought all my other items for this trip from Amazon like sunscreen, lip balm, mosquito repellent wipes, books, etc.


Mules | Earrings | Bikini

Target | First and foremost, who doesn’t like Target? If there is a person reading this who actually doesn’t like Target, please comment below because I have yet to find someone. Secondly, can we all agree that Target has seriously upped their game the past year or two?? Really cute home decor, really cute shoes, really cute clothes, and really cute earrings! I am all about Sugarfix from Bauble Bar earrings at Target, ya’ll. Big fan. I mean, actual Bauble Bar earrings costs about $40 but at Target they are $7-$12. Wild. I also picked up three new bikinis from Target for my trip and am going to find a cute, secure, cheap crossbody bag for my trip too since I don’t want to carry around any designer stuff in the jungle lol.


Dress | Sandals

Nordstrom Rack | I really have to be in the right mood to shop here because it just overwhelms me. Plus it is hit or miss depending when you go and which location you go. BUT, there is a Rack by me that gets major designer products there and I just bought a pair of the cutest pink summer-y heels that were originally $350 for $19.99!!! Insane.


Eyelet Top | Yellow Dress

Forever 21 | Last but not least, the tried and tested Forever 21. Again, totally hit or miss and sometimes that place gives me hives it is so overwhelming. But I have found some MAJOR deals there before on sweaters and especially jewelry so I never write them off my good-deal list.


Striped Bag | White Bikini

Okay wait one more….Walmart!! This might be preemptive writing because I am going to go here next week and see what I can find, but an insta-mom I follow was showing off some things at Walmart like REALLY cute bikinis for $7 a piece (this is a dupe of another bikini that runs about $120 a piece!!) or hoop earrings for $2! $2!!! I never really shop at Walmart and this is probably a “wear for the season and then it falls apart” type of a thing, but if any designer thinks I am going to pay them $300 for a full bikini set then they are TRIPPIN.

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