Oh Shoot! Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Happy February 14th! Did it sneak up on you?? First and foremost I hope every single one of you knows that you are loved by someone today whether you have someone bringing you heart shaped boxes of chocolates or not. The point of today is to show the one you love that you care about them, that you love them, and that you are thinking about them specifically. So for those of you who are still trying to think of those few extra somethin-somethin’s to do for your lovey this Valentine’s Day, here are a some last minute ideas:

  1. Heart Shaped Donuts — Places like Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts have some cute themed treats today. Go pick up one or a dozen heart shaped donuts and surprise your man/ lady (girls like donuts too!)
  2. Make a little video montage — I promise this isn’t as hard as it sounds. A program like iMovie is so easy to figure out and I’m sure that you have a handful of saved Snapchats or silly videos that you have saved on your phone. Put them all together to some cute little background music and share it tonight!
  3. Skip the Steakhouse — Alec and I have established a no-resturant rule on Valentine’s Day. We spent years going out to the finest Beverly Hills restaurants and Santa Monica waterfront bistros only to be shoulder to shoulder with other couples, eating mediocre pre-prepared steak, and paying a fortune for it. So now, Alec actually cooks me a surprise meal at home and makes it really nice and sweet. Cooking a meal or even baking a batch of cookies for someone takes a lot of time and planning and it really shows that you care. Also, always eat by candlelight!
  4. Handmade Card — I know that Target is overflowing with witty and romantic Valentine’s Day cards. But if you have yet to pick one up yet, don’t! It is so dang easy to make your own card…go to Joann’s or Michaels and get a cute piece of paper and some cute stickers and bam, there you go. Or even easier, sit at your desk at work and just draw a cute picture of you two and write something really thoughtful. I love cards because even though someone might know you love them and might know all the wonderful things you probably think about them, everyone loves to hear it and you don’t get that many opportunities to just write out all your mushy feelings to someone. I mean, unless that’s just a normal Thursday for you…show offs…
  5. Build a blanket fort — I mean we doesn’t love a blanket fort? Let them pick their favorite movie and get in some good cuddlin’!
  6. Party City balloons — I am so bummed I don’t have a Party City near me this year because every year I pay $15 and get Alec a dozen of those red heart helium balloons. A dozen helium balloons is a lot of balloons so it really looks like you did a lot but it only cost you $15 lol.
  7. Make a Valen- timeline — I saw this online and I thought the name was clever. Basically just print a handful of your favorite pictures together and either make a collage or attach them to a string and take a walk down memory lane together.
  8. A good old fashion massage — I mean come on, who says no to a massage? But it IS Valentine’s Day so make it cute and nice and have music and candles and lotion, you know, the works. And don’t wimp out after three minutes…your thumbs are stronger than that!

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