How to Stay Hydrated

  1. DRINK OUT OF A STRAW | I can down a giant glass of water in one breath but only if I have a straw! I don’t know if it’s just me but there is no other way for me to drink water so swiftly…I have this glass at my desk (and holy cow I should sell it because apparently it’s worth a ton now so you should get this one instead) and I try to go through about 5 or 6 throughout the day. Some days it’s 3, some days it’s 8, and honestly it’s a good excuse to take a quick break lol. Yes, when you first start drinking this much water you will consequently get up just as many times for the bathroom but your body will adjust within the week or so. BUT without a straw, there is no way that I would drink that much. At home, I use these straws every day.
  2. Get a clear glass| I have to drink out of a clear container (preferably glass because plastic is bad for the sea turtles) that way I can see my progress. If I can see that there is just 1/3 left of my glass, then I can just down it and go fill up again as opposed to just trying to feel the weight of the water in a bottle that I can’t see into.
  3. Don’t give yourself a stomach ache lol | sometimes if I push myself too hard to drink too much, I’ll get a stomach ache. So don’t do that. Especially in the morning. But I remember reading that the most important thing is to drink a large glass of water every morning when you wake up, before coffee or anything because you have been asleep for about 8 hours with no water and your body gets really dehydrated and it will help to wake you up and help you feel energized.
  4. Carry it with you everywhere. Yup, everywhere. | Fill it up in the morning, take it to work, bring it to your lunch, bring it home, drink it on your drive home, drink it when you’re cooking dinner, carry it with you around your home, put it next to your bed. Everywhere or you WILL forget to drink it. I find that at night I will get sooooo thirsty because I drink water all day long and then I get home and forget and my body is like “what is going onnnnnn”.
  5. Take pictures. | So it’s no question whether drinking water is good for you or not. It helps your skin stay clear, can help you with your weight and appetite, and of course it helps overall with regulating your body temperature as well as transferring nutrients throughout the body. But if you definitely think you can benefit from drinking more water, then take a picture of your face and body and see if you notice any difference in these things after a little while. Obviously there are multiple components that go into your skin and weight but this is one of them!

Stay thirsty my friends.


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