How To Decorate Your Office Desk



AFTER:Hello everyone!

Wow I feel like everything has been a whirlwind lately! We have been traveling a lottt (like small trips to CA for family weddings and stuff), so we are just finally getting our new apartment all finished up (I promise a home tour is coming asap) aaand I started a new job last week! I mean, I got this college degree…time to put it to work…in a totally different industry lol.

So even though starting a new job can be seriously overwhelming and my brain feels like it’s going to explode, what makes me feel really good is having a cute, well-kept desk at my office. I have a fabulous corner “office” with a beautiful glass desk and it just had the basics when I arrived (phone, notepad, pens, computer). I feel like I am more productive and focused when I have a clean, calm, put together work space. If you are the same way, then you get it. If not, then I probably sound crazy to you.
My favorite place for desk décor is Homegoods because they have super stylish things for a reasonable price. There are a couple staples that I like to have on my desk…

  1. Some sort of plant. At my last desk, I had a little succulent but opted this time for a pretty faux peony arrangement. I think it was on sale for $12, it is a pretty good fake tbh, and I don’t have to worry about the upkeep of an actual live plant. It just gives a bit of life to your work space even if it is a fake.
  2. Some sort of pen holder. Last time I used more of a cup-like container from Ikea to hold my pens, pencils, and paperclips, but I found this super cute Ray Dunn ceramic holder at Homegoods and it’s hard to tell but it has a little ink and quill on the bottom. S’cute!
  3. Obviously a notepad of some sort should be handy for meeting notes or random thoughts or post-work grocery lists …so you mine as well make it a cute notebook! Once again, Homegoods came through with a lot of options surprisingly and not surprisingly I chose the pink one.
  4. I always have tissues on my desk too for sneezes or watery eyes and if you’re as extra as me, you can pick out specific patterned boxes from Target to match your desk aesthetic (who wants a big ol’ lime green box in the middle of your light girly desk accessories? Not me.)
  5. Lastly, I usually have one other item of décor on my desk. At my last job I had a little picture frame with my husband and I in it but this time I found this cute block calendar at Homegoods to tie in something darker toned onto my desk (sorry, Alec).
  6. BONUS TIP: I also like to keep hand lotion (I love the L’occitane hand crème), gum (Starbucks gum looks pretty but lasts for 30 seconds), and post it notes handy on my desk as well. Everything else that I don’t use regularly or just is ugly, I keep in my drawers or filing cabinets.

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