Big Announcement! Fabfitfun Summer Box



I am so excited to finally share my exciting news with all of you! You can see exactly what I am talking about in my video above! I am a homie and talked about it in the beginning of the video so you can hear right away! If you want to start getting Fabfitfun boxes (which I HIGHLY recommend because they are SO fun), use THIS LINK and code BEACHBABE for a discount!

But it’s just so funny to me that just from making my little videos, I got to be apart of such a cool opportunity! And speaking of big opportunities…..your girl got a new job!! I’ll start later in the month and (fingers crossed) I will absolutely try to keep up with all my blogs and youtube videos unlike the last time I started a new job 🙃 I’m really really excited and am going to get to travel literally around the world. Insane.

We are going to be putting a new home tour video up as soon as we get a few more big frames and get them up on the walls! I promise it will be soon though!

Okay that is that!! Talk to you soon 💕

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