Tulip Town | Skagit Valley, WA

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This past week we drove two hours each way to Mt. Vernon/ Skagit Valley to go to the Tulip Festival here in Washington! Oh my gosh it was so amazingly beautiful! I hope to one day go to Holland this time of year and go see THE tulip fields there, but seeing as though this has yet to be accomplished, I was thoroughly impressed with Tulip Town! I mean, they said the man who created these fields is actually from Holland…so the dude has some credibility apparently!

Let me give you some advice for your next visit to Tulip Town however…

  1. DO NOT WEAR NICE SHOES. ok. so. To my mom’s defense, she warned me to bring a yucky pair of shoes but I was like “pff, mom, you have to look good for the pics”. Well guess what, you can’t walk to the cute places to take the cute pics without thoroughly covering your shoes in straight up mud. Washington weather is so bi-polar this time of year so even though it was beautiful the day we were there, the day before it was pouring. So yeah, wear rain boots.
  2. It was soooo windy! I don’t know if that’s normal for the area or if was an anomaly of the day but I just feel like that would’ve been nice to know lol
  3. Check their website for updates on how the flowers are blooming! Thankfully we did this and were able to visit mid April when majority of the tulips were in full bloom. Too far in the beginning or end of April can make for a mediocre bloom situation.
  4. Also it costs $7 a person to get in (: But parking was free so 👍🏼
  5. Also they will yell at you if you take one step into the rows of flowers. They are very strict about their crops. So you have to get creative with your photo angles.

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