Early Birthday at Barton G.

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*PSA not actually pregnant

I had the best (early) birthday celebrating my 24th with Alec’s family at Barton G in West Hollywood. We move in 6 days (ahhhh) so we are trying to soak in all the LA happenings and family time as we can. You guys, this place is WILD. It is the funkiest restaurant and their presentations are insane. There is no other place like this, as you can tell from the video and pictures! From the popcorn shrimp arriving in a popcorn maker, a whole cooked chicken in a cage with videos playing, Alec’s giant steak fork, Cameron’s mouse trap lobster Mac n cheese, and the gold bar dulce de leche dolla dolla bill dessert. Not to mention all the cool nitrogen infused cocktail. I mean, this place is VERY LA, clearly. It comes at a pretty penny ($$$) but it is so worth going to experience it once for yourself!!

Anyways I can rant on and on about this place but I still have a lot of packing to do and my dear sweet Hannah is staying with me to soak up all the time she can before we leave so until next time (which I promise won’t be as long of a break between as my last post (ugh sorry guys moving is stressful)), byyyyyyye!

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