Weekend Getaway at Pelican Hill

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pink sweater // pearl jeans // heels // purse // earrings


criss cross sweater // ripped jeans

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wrap top // earrings

IMG_0084Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

wrap top // earrings // pants // heels // purse

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one piece (similar)

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I love that last picture…that is the ballroom where we got married last March! That’s exactly where we were sitting together in our cute little love seat. *Awww*

So now that our big news is out (what?! you didn’t hear?! Well then check this out!), I wanted to share pictures from our long weekend at Pelican Hill (aka heaven on earth). I have a serious love for this place for obvious reasons but I mean, really, it is one of the most gorgeous resorts that I have been to in my life. The views are incredible, the service is unmatched, the spa is killer, and the accommodations are seriously 5 star. They had our villa stocked with wines and had ice ready for our champagne AND they brought us personalized cheese plates at night (insert drool face). Anyways, this isn’t a post just about how fabulous The Resort at Pelican Hill is or how I think everyone needs a chance to experience it themselves…but…they should…

The real reason we were there was because my family flew down from Seattle so we could all celebrate a belated Christmas together (aka Alec and I didn’t have to pay to stay there lol). Christmas was great this year because it was so dragged out so the gifts and celebrating kept going for weeks!! We had so much fun finally opening gifts and eating too much cheese and crackers and playing games on our phones (we are all obsessed with playing Heads Up and Psych. They both pair nicely with some wine lol). I got to go to the spa with my mama and clearly, it is stunnnnnning. I’ve been fortunate to be able to go to a number of nice spas but this one honestly might be the nicest one I have been to. Good for you, PH. I love any time that I get to spend with my family and I am sooo excited to be closer to them again soon!! (What? Still confused? Well then you obviously didn’t read the news like I told you to above…)

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