FabFitFun Winter Box


Yikes people….I now understand why these legit bloggers don’t have an 8-5 job. It is not about the money, it is about the TIME!!! Holy moly I have some many photos and drafts to post but I have been majorly slacking and I am a big fat failure at time management lately. Plus, throw in the holidays and you’re lookin’ at one busy Heather.

So today, I do not have a New to Newlywed post (but that’s ok, a short hiatus is good for the soul) and instead I am sharing with you my amazing new FabFitFun Winter Box that I just received in the mail!! This is my first actual seasonal box because my last one was the “first-timer’s” box. It seriously is like Christmas getting these boxes and the products so far have been so nice and not like “throw in these crappy waste of a product” products. I can’t believe that the value of products in this box was $393 and I only paid $45 like WHAT that is legit thievery.

Obvi I am highly recommending FabFitFun because I was late to the party and I wish I started this earlier. The fabulous podcast I listen to, The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, gives a code for $10 off your first box and that magically code is ALMOSTFAMOUS so go go go! (Also keep your eyes peeled for a many more posts coming soon!!!! Also, sorry to my loyal readers for slacking!)

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