Favorite Fall Accessories: Nordstrom

I. LOVE. FALL. It is a fabulous time of year where (unless you are in Southern California), the leaves turn orange and the air begins to feel crisp, and the warmth of PSL’s fills your tummy. Even though it is supposed to be nearly 90º today (lol send help), accessories are a fantastic way to spruce up your Fall look even if the heat is spruced up too! I also tried to keep things pretty affordable-ish! ALSO, yes I am aware that these are all within a certain color range…clearly I have “a look”. Here’s a few of my favorites for the most wonderful time of the year (also, Christmas):

  1. Okay everyone and their mother is wearing this hat but for good reason!! It is so stinkin’ cute and clearly very in style this season!_101806644.jpg
  2. Also I LOVE this hat!! It looks really good with my hair color (as seen below in my fancy mall mirror photo) and it just screams “take me to a pumpkin patch” (which is a good thing). Check it here on my Insta from last week! 

  3. An oversized scarf is soooo Fall, ammiright?? They look cute with just jeans and a tee, tucked into a long coat, and really go hand in hand with the PSL warmth! (I LOVE this one too!)

  4. The only thing more Fall than PSL’s are BOOTS!! There are sooo many to chose from but these are one of my faves…slightly pricey but there’s much worse out there! I can’t pull off the over the knee look sadly, but these are really flattering! (My favorite boots ever are a black Michael Kors pair that I have had for yearrrrrs. I have had the sole and heel repaired at a cobbler shop because I refuse to part with them. I love boots that fit to your calf and don’t get too wide at the top. Much more flattering. I really love these new Michael Kors ones too but they’re a pretty penny and I have to be a baller on a budget while I save for Christmas cash!) 

  5. Of course if you live in a confused part of the country where it was still in THE 90’S TODAY, then booties might be sliiiightly more practical and I just love these! (These black ones are really cute too!) 

  6. Okay almost done…but holy cow you guys I can’t get over the amazing Fall purse sales going on!! The first two are under $50! Obsessed with this brown one, this one is such a cute accent purse, and umm hello this one screams Fall. 

  7. Also, love these bags so much. Slightly more expensive but they really hold up over time and you can fit a ton in them!
  8. Okay lastly, we all know that I LOVE a big earring and I think that they are the perfect finishing touch to the perfect Fall look. I love wearing big thick scarves and feeling my big earrings rest on them, hehehe why am I the way that I am. I really like these crystal drop earrings, these geometric drop earrings (that you could wear with everything), these Fall inspired jeweled hoops (on sale!), and of course the ultimate tassel earrings that will carry you all the way through the holidays! 

  9. Wait, I lied! I can’t leave this post without finishing it off without a couple Fall coats!! Now we aren’t in full blown winter yet so no need to get puffy, but you guys, this coat is on sale for $37!!!! And it comes in FIVE COLORS!! If it’s too wide, just take it to a tailor! I do it all the time! Also, this leather jacket is one of my staples. I’ve had it for a few years and wear it whenever I travel somewhere that’s actually below 70º. Lastly, I lovvvvve a good trench coat. So stinkin cute with a pair of boots! And this one is nearly $100 off!!! whaaaat! Okay, happy shopping, my loves! 

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