Love Languages, Quality Time, & Costume Shopping

Happy Wednesday!! Man, having a real job is tiring! I know every adult reading this is rolling their eyes but compared to working an afternoon shift as a Disney Princess, getting up at 6 am every day and sitting at a desk for 8 hours is a 180. That being said, I have about 4 blog post drafts that I am looking at right now that I am DYING to post for you guys but they just need a bit of tweaking first. BUT, tonight is my first night that I will be away from Alec since we got married!!!! I am so bummed because we really wanted to make it AT LEAST a year and I really couldn’t think of many reasons why I’d have to be away. But my snazzy new job is taking us to a conference tomorrow a ways away so they are putting me up in a hotel tonight. Maybe I can be productive and finish some of these posts (or maybe I will stretch out in a big bed all to myself and catch up on some E! News since we don’t have tv at our home)! Hopefully a little of both!

But since I am so sentimental and am already missing my hubby (I just said goodbye 1 hour ago lol), I was reflecting on quality time and personal space in a marriage. I really think it depends on the person/ couple since I have always been the girl who really enjoys being with people and having “my person”. I never felt like I “wasn’t myself” or “didn’t know who I was without a guy”, and that is totally just me and of course other people feel differently about themselves! Because of that, I really do feel like I am more myself and more comfortable when I am with Alec, I mean, as it should be…we are married for life after all! But that feeling has definitely grown the past 7 months that we’ve been married.

However, there have been a few nights where Alec went out with friends or had a work dinner and I do also cherish the moments where I can just totally chill and not think about what I look like and sit in the bath watching a rom-com or just go back to my single living days and eat an apple and toast for dinner instead of cooking a whole meal!!

I literallllllllly cannot stress enough how important I think it is to take the Love Language test. Whether you are in a relationship, serious or not, single, whatever, it is so enlightening (and free!) to see what it is that someone else does for you that makes you feel loved. Because for some people (like Alec), quality time is the number one thing that makes him feel loved by me. For me, words of affirmation is waaaay high on the charts. Having this type of information is VITAL to a healthy marriage, in my opinion. It’s not like the others, acts of service, physical touch, or giving gifts, are bad AT ALL (bring on the gifts and back rubs!), but being aware of the top thing that will make your spouse feel valued and thought of and truly loved is unbelievably valuable!

Okay, thanks for reading all this and I hope you liked our little weekend vlog hullabaloo! xo

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