Alec Does My Makeup + 10 Things

I’ll tell ya, there’s not a lot of scenarios where you put as much trust into your husband as when you give him full access to hundreds of dollars worth of makeup. ALSO, can we talk about the ridiculous prices of makeup. It’s a sham. Take a watch for yourself at today’s Newlywed Wednesday video and see Alec’s masterpiece unfold!

Since I am a major lame-o and have been slacking on my posts minus the New to Newlywed series, I am gonna give you all 10 random things/ activities/ thoughts floating around in my brain lately!

  1. Well one reason that I am extra busy is because I GOT A NEW JOB! So far so good…I’ll keep you posted…
  2. I really want to go to Banff, Canada and stay at the Fairmont and look out at the amazing lake!!!
  3. I was going to go to Disneyland this weekend for the first time since I quit in February but it’s supposed to be 90º there and LOLOL that is NOT going to happen.
  4. I am seriously puzzled at what Alec & I should be for Halloween this year. We’ve done mobsters, mermaid and captain, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, pirates, Beyonce and Jay-Z…..I mean you can stalk my Instagram for all the proof. Basically, I am accepting suggestions!
  5. I made the decision that after almost SEVEN YEARS, I am going to take a break from my eyelash extensions. I just couldn’t find anyone who did a good job in our area and they were charging a fortune and they’d fall out a ton after like a week. I am using Latisse now to get them to grow naturally and I used it before and it worked like a charm (until you stop using it and somehow they magically retract into your eyelids…idk). Until they actually get longer, I’m going back to the falsie glue-ons and am on the hunt for ones that look natural but not too small but not like “HI I’M WEARING FAKE LASHES”. Trickier than you may think….
  6. You guys….I started drinking coffee!! My mother in law is letting me borrow her old Nespresso machine and I got some pods and caramel almond creamer and I feel like such an adult. The first day I made it, I thought the creamer even made it too sweet and I was proud of myself for my sophisticated palette.
  7. I have worn this shirt 3 out the 8 days that I have been at my new job (I am wearing it right now) and I wonder if anybody has noticed….
  8. Thought of the day: I get that airlines can charge more during the holidays because people have places to be but how am I supposed to go see my family when they’re charging like $500 for a one way ticket?! I mean, let’s have a heart, shall we…
  9. HOLY MOLEY everybody stop what you’re doing and BUY THIS!! I am going back to stock up because it is SOOOOO GOOD!!!! I make toast with a little butter and put this on top.
  10. Another thought of the day: I have a lot of respect for people who have aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds. I have been *attempting* to transition and it is way harder than you’d think. You want to post one bright colored photo and the whole shabang is thrown off!

I hope your day is filled with love and safety and thankfulness and that you tell everyone that you love just how much they mean to you!! xo

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