Grocery Store Glam + Grateful

Happy Fri-Yay! Okay is it just me or did this week fly by (thank you Labor Day)?! I have a jam packed weekend and I can’t wait because as quick as this week went by, ugh it also felt like it dragged on!!

There was just a list of things that went wrong this week between my phone screen shattering AGAIN (I think it’s because I put one of those gripper things on the back and so when it fell flat, that made it uneven thus shattering…you’ve been warned…), I went through a car wash and it broke my wind shield wiper ($$$), we found ants in our place, and just a plethora of other things. BUT, we are not under two feet of water, evacuating for a hurricane, or losing our home to massive fires so there is A LOT to be grateful for and a lot of prayers going out to the people who have it a lot worse.


On a completely unrelated topic….here is a new makeup tutorial for you!!! Man, I feel like a loser blogger because I have just been posting videos lately!! I prommmmmise I have some fun Fall blog posts coming to you very soon along with a Seattle video (slight hiccup getting the GoPro footage but it’ll be ready soon!)


I call this look my grocery store glam just because it’s catchy lol. Jk, it is a fun look that you can wear every day to somewhere like the grocery store or out on a date night! I’ll link all the products below! Also, apologies for my insane bronzer moment…ya girl seriously needs to get a legit mirror instead of trying to do a makeup tutorial in the reflection on the camera!!!!


Foundation (Armani UV Lasting Silk- 5)

Pressed Powder (Bare Minerals Bare Pro- Champagne)

Bronzer (Too Faced- Medium)

Blush (Lancome- Perfect Pink)

Highlighter (City Color)

Eyeshadow Primer (MAC- Soft Ochre)

Eyeshadow (Milani- Bella Ivory)

Eyeshadow (MAC- Haux)

Eyeshadow (MAC- Embark)

Super Shock Shadow (Colourpop- Sequin)

Super Shock Shadow (Colourpop- Super Hard Core)

Liquid Eyeliner (Stila)

Eyeliner Pencil (Lancome- Black)

Eyebrow Shadow (Bobbi Brown- Blonde)

Mascara Primer (Dior)

Mascara (Benefit- They’re Real)

Lip Liner (MAC- Edge to Edge)

Lip Stick (Too Faced- Nude Beach)

Lip Gloss (Buxom- Pink Lady)


Setting Spray (MAC)

Foundation Brush

Powder Brush

Bronzer Brush

Blush Brush

Highlighter Brush

Eyebrow Brush

Eyeshadow Primer Brush

Eyeshadow Loose Brush

Eyeshadow Fluffy Brush

Eyeshadow Firm brush

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