Chill Out // New to Newlywed

Welcome back to Newlywed Wednesday!!

Today’s post is actually not *specifically* newlywed related but instead how I get myself to chill out when I am feeling like a bad wife for not having everything in its placed or feeling overwhelmed by life…I promise it’ll be worth your time. But first, of course we have a new YT video for you guys right here (it’s pretty funny):


Do you ever have those days when everything seems to be going wrong and you are trying hard to be productive yet nothing is getting done (that is a facetious question because I know the answer is YES). On Monday, I was just wayyy over-emotional and was feeling discouraged and literally every room was so messy and I had all these errands to run and was feeling like a bad wife for not having everything together and then a pipe internally burst and was flooding the apartment below us….it was just….a day. Thankfully Alec is a king and knows just how to deal with me when I get that way (I’m sure he was still like “what is this chick’s problem today?!”) but I also wanted to share just a couple things that help when I get overwhelmed/ panicky/ over-emotional/ irrational/ etc. etc…..

  1. I don’t remember where I heard this but it was somewhere and it really does help. I don’t do a full 1-10 count, I just do 1-5 and it goes like this….you breath in slowly for 5 seconds, breath out slowly for 5 seconds. Then you breath in for 6 seconds, out for 6 seconds. All the way to 10 seconds in, 10 seconds out. This only takes 90 seconds but idk, for me, this really helps me to chillllll out and feel centered again.
  2. Power. Naps. Are. Cray. I am definitely not a napper because, 1. I usually never have time in the middle of the day to nap lol and 2. if I actually do have that time, I usually abuse it and nap for like an hour and a half and then I can’t sleep at night. But if you are able to literally sleep for 20 minutes, I promise that you will feel revived and ready to kick booty the rest of your day!!
  3. This one is kind of weird but I really think it helps….zone out. But just for like, 2 minutes. Let yourself just stare at something and zone out and go to your happy place 🌴 Let your mind clear out from all the things that are stressing you out and give yourself two minutes. TWO MINUTES.
  4. Lists!!! I am totally totally a list person. I love having a to-do list because my brain runs a mile a minute and I can forget things in a snap. BUT…DO NOT OVER-DO YOUR LIST. Oh my gosh this will only make your problems worse. This is why I said listS….sure, make one big list with everything that needs to get done ever but then make a list, or mental list, whatever works for you, of just a few things that need to get done that day. If you clear the list, then wooohoooo, you can go back to big daddy list and see what else you want to accomplish but you will only bum yourself out if you try to over do it in one day. Baby steps.
  5. Last one….I read recently that as you go through your day, if there are little tasks that come up that will take 5 minutes or less to do, just do them. You will be amazed at the end of the day with how much you feel like you’ve accomplished if you finish these little mundane tasks along the way!


If all else fails, I will literally tell myself over and over “Girl, you’ve got this. No problem. You are good. You’ve got this.” Is that embarrassing? Ehhh…try it for yourself and then you can feel embarrassed (but calm!) with me!! xo

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