Fall Decorating in August// Vlog

Hey party people! Last weekend/ Monday/ Tuesday Morning I filmed my first vlog! Aka, I just filmed myself doing random things and going about my day and talking too much in the hopes that it would all come together to be somewhat entertaining. I know that some people love vlogs and some people couldn’t be more bored with them but I for one actually do enjoy watching people talk about their lives or go about their day on youtube (I need a hobby). So I decided to try my hand at it!

I literally had like an hour and a half of footage and got it down to around 20 minutes which is prime time vlog time.

So in this lovely vlog, I share my morning routine (on chill days), decorating for Fall (on August 21st lol), and going to Hobby Lobby with Alec (yikes) to get decorations…..honestly you guys, just wait for the Hobby Lobby part because I gave Alec the camera while I shopped and idk, maybe I am just biased, but I think he is so funny and I loved getting home and watching the footage of him being a weirdo while I was peacefully trying to shop. I promise that the entire vlog is pretty entertaining and funny (again, I’m pretty biased) so hopefully you think so too!

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