I Didn’t Expect That: Husband VS. Wife // New to Newlywed

Everyone! Say hello to Alec because he is sharing some of his very own thoughts in this post!! Along with our newest Newlywed Wednesday video, (which honestly is one of my favorites so far) we are each sharing 3 things that were not expected when signing up for this marriage thing!  So let’s not beat around the bush….here we go!


Heather’s Unexpected List:

  1. How much cooking is involved!!
    The funny thing is, I LOVE to cook. And marriage hasn’t changed that but holy cow, men require so much food!! When I lived by myself, I could literally just get by with an apple and cheese stick some nights but those days are GONE (unless Alec has a work dinner, then I have myself an apple and cheese feast in the bubble bath watching Kardashian reruns). I love being the ultimate wifey and making delicious delicacies for my hubs, but I’d be lying if I said there aren’t some nights that I have Domino’s dialed on my phone wishing I could press “call”.
  2. Sleeping habits!
    Alec and I didn’t live together before we got married so I was not used to sleeping next to another person every night or their weird sleeping habits! This might be like, no duh, but when I got woken up the first time by Alec’s very loud and clear sleep talking, my heart rate climbed a little too high that night. Just as Alec’s has when I suddenly sit up and gasp or kick my legs around like I’m in the World Cup. Plus, don’t even get me started on the alarms….we are both triggered when we hear a certain iPhone…. *cringe*
  3. The Lovin’
    So real talk, keeping it 100, you aren’t going to get crazy every single night and that’s okay, CONTRARY to what movies and books and other unrealistic forms of media may share. You might have eaten something that didn’t settle well or you are just really enjoying being in each other’s company and talking or maybe you literally just fall asleep the second your head hits the pillow because you’re that exhausted. I mean, that’s just real life, people.
    But guess what else is unexpected…..just how much LOVE there is in a marriage. The day we got married, I didn’t think it was possible to love Alec anymore than I did in that moment, but I am not exaggerating that my love has seriously doubled over and over again every day (even the not as great days). The love and respect that we have for each other in our marriage is incomparable and I will do everything in my power, every day, for the rest of my life to keep doubling that love.

Okay blah blah blah Heather, so much loviness. My lovey brain got ahead of my typing fingers and there was no stopping it. Let’s see what you’ve got Alec….

Howdy..it’s your friendly neighborhood Alec here. Just coming by to give you readers some tips on married life and all the secrets it beholds.

  1. Hair is everywhere.
    Literally I have never thought in my whole life that I would have a home with hair in every crevice. I have always planned on getting a dog in the future, most likely one that has minimal shedding. It seems to be a large complaint for pet owners when discussing their choice in pet. It’s like we have 2 dogs with 15 inch hair shedding everywhere! I go to the bathroom, my feet get tangled like I’m walking through jungle vines. Luckily we have a Roomba so we are still able to see the floor. I was just so surprised at this! I had never thought about this added bonus of being married. (omg Alec, you are being dramatic, it is NOT that bad! -H)
  2. Doing chores together is key to living happily together.
    I have never been a huge fan of cleaning dishes. I would say that is one of my least favorite chores on the list. One thing that I noticed is how much nicer it is doing dishes with Heather. When we work together, it goes by much more quickly and efficiently. You just have to get in the “zen cleaning mode” and play a little music to keep the mood up. Once you are in the zone, cleaning becomes a breeze and both of us are happy while we do it. We have tried assigning certain tasks to ourselves individually, but it seems to work best when we both work on the projects together.
  3. Living with Heather is awesome!
    I never thought it would be so much fun. I’ve had roommates before in my college years. I’m not complaining, they were great roommates to have, but having your wife as a roommate is so much better than any of my college roommates I’ve had (Sorry Matt, Jeremy, and Danny).  It’s especially nice because she is so clean. Now don’t get me wrong I’m no sloppy papi, but it’s great having a neat and organized wife as a roommate. She keeps me in check when my clothes pile up in our room. That has always been the thing that slips through the cracks for me.
    She is literally my better half, and is always around me. It really is like having your best friend living with you, as well as traveling with you. If I decide to go eat, or go to a movie, I always have my best friend to come along with me. There are so many great benefits to married life. I wouldn’t change a single thing about it. 

    Everybody altogether now…”AWWWWWW”. I just love him!

5 Things I've Learned in 5 Months of Marriage-2.jpg

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