My 10 Minute Makeup Routine

Among many things, working at Disneyland taught me how to really get the hang of my makeup (minus the bright yellow eye shadow) and when I do my daily makeup, it basically takes me 5-10 minutes. I’m definitely not a professional AT ALL but I love playing around with makeup and it’s taken me awhile to even get to my face beat level in this video (which I really should’ve used a mirror for instead of my reflection in the camera lol…NEXT TIME). When I list all the products out, it might look like a lot, but I promise that they all work together so well and it seriously takes me under 10 minutes to do my face every day.

So check out the vid below to see how I make myself look the way I do in my Instagram pics and the products I use to do it…(I’ll link all the products below too!)

Foundation (Armani UV Lasting Silk- 5)

Pressed Powder (Bare Minerals Bare Pro- Champagne)

Bronzer (Too Faced- Medium)

Blush (Lancome- Perfect Pink)

Highlighter (City Color)

Liquid Eyeliner (Stila)

Eyeliner Pencil (Lancome- Black)

Eyebrow Shadow (Bobbi Brown- Blonde)

Mascara Primer (Dior)

Mascara (Benefit- They’re Real)

Lip Liner (MAC- Edge to Edge)

Lip Stick (MAC- Blankety)

Lip Gloss (MAC Lipglass- Prrr)

Setting Spray (MAC)

Foundation Brush

Powder Brush

Bronzer Brush

Blush Brush

Highlighter Brush

Eyebrow Brush

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