Style Me// Uncle Sam Edition

Only a week and a day away until the fabulous fourth of July! I can’t wait to stuff my face with watermelon, pop some bubbly, swing around some sparklers, and party like it’s 1776! We will be going to Alec’s parent’s house for their party this year and I’m still figuring out what to wear because I just love dressing for this holiday! I don’t know whether to go cute and trendy in a white and blue dress with wedges or just full-on themed out with stars hanging all over me…decision decisions….but I wanted to help you with your decisions and share with you some of my favorite patriotic garb! Hopefully something catches your eye and you light up like a firework next Tuesday no matter how you celebrate!

SCROLL DOWN for links to the items and explanations as to why I love dem below…(hover over each item to see their corresponding number!)


1. DRESS// I love this dress so much because it ties at the waist and is so flattering and you can wear it allll the time, not just on the fourth!

2. & 3. GREY TEE// RED TEE// But I mean, if you’re gonna celebrate our independence then why not go full-theme and wear a super cute tee like these!

4. & 5. DRESS// SHIRT// Forever21 can seriously overwhelm me but sometimes I find gems like these two pieces that are just perfecto to keep you cool so you don’t melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July (name that reference)

6. WEDGES// Because if you’re gonna be rocking the dresses and short shorts, you want to make those legs look good! (and they’re on SALE)

7. SANDALS// But if you’re trying to be a bit less high maintenance (who cares what people thinks….just own it!) then these red sandals are the way to go!

8. NAVY SANDALS// Or meet in the middle with my fave summer shoes! (These are on sale too!)

9. TANNING LOTION// Either way though, you want that summer glow & this is my go-to.

10. TANNING WIPES// But if you are looking for a quick fix, then these tanning wipes work great and are mess free!

11. & 12. STUDS// BAUBLES// I lovey love love BaubleBar jewelry. It is great quality and so unique but also fashionable (and I LOVE a good bold earring). These are two of my faves for the 4th!

13. STAR EARRINGS// Also these earrings because HELLO how perfect, right?!

14. CHOKER// And if you want to just kick it into high gear with the star theme, then why not add in this choker?? I shared this pic of it on my Insta this week!

15. SWEATSHIRT// This sweatshirt is perfect for a more subtle star spangled look once the sun goes down and you are prepping for the fireworks!

16. ROMPER// Last but certainly not least, I absolutely love this romper. Usually my style is slightly more understated but does this not just scream summer party?!




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