Howlin’ Rays

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Top or this one (both on sale!!)// Jeans // Shoes // Earrings are from Bebe years ago! // A’s watch

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Alec and I FINALLY made our way to Howwwwwlin’ Rays Nashville Hot Chicken which is literally in the middle of a strip mall in China Town in LA lol. Alec has been dying to go here because this man seriously loves his spice. He puts hot sauce on everything and he’s really made it his mission to up my spice tolerance (aka spice up my life) the past 4 years. I mean it’s kinda working….I didn’t get THE least spicy chicken here so…

ANYWAYS…. this place just opened this year and it’s *allegedly* the hottest chicken in all of LA and honestly I believe that because I don’t know how it gets hotter than eating chicken covered in the two hottest peppers in the entire world!! Alec is an animal and got a wing that was “Howlin” — aka the hottest on their already very hot menu — LITERALLY COVERED IN CAROLINA REAPERS AND TRINIDAD SCORPIONS (aren’t the names alone spooky?! That would’ve already scared me away)!! He took a massive bite like a champ but that was as much as he could take. I felt bad for the guy but honestly he is the spice master and even though everyone was watching him and he was sweating his face off on the struggle bus to burnsville, he totally kept his chill (that was quite a sentence I just put together). I on the other hand got the “mild” sandwich (only the level up from the “country” which has zero spice thank you very much) and my lips were on fire with even that! Thankfully Alec already ate his sandwich before the death wing but even THAT was still a “hot” and covered in ghost peppers. He’s an animal, people. Needless to say, I had to drive home.

But since the line for said chicken was FOUR HOURS LONG. FOUR. FOUR HOURS. A FOUR HOUR WAIT FOR HOT CHICKEN, we weren’t able to go do the other things we had planned. BUT forevvvver I’ve wanted to go find the building where they filmed the outside scenes of The Office and I knew it was in the Burbank/ Van Nuys area which we were passing through. So we made a quick google search and voila, I was running back and forth Michael-Scott-Racing-A-Car style in front of a studio building.

So basically we both checked something off our bucket lists this weekend and both worked up a sweat for very different reasons! Now I’m off to bake some yummy treats for tomorrow’s festivities! xoxo

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