The Broad + Perch

Iced almond milk chai because I don’t drink coffee but still want to look trendy


This was one of my favorites. It took up a whole wall and was so dramatic….it’s an Amazon warehouse and that blows my mind.

IMG_2217 2fullsizeoutput_81f6fullsizeoutput_8238

Don’t be fooled. He’s mocking it.


mirror mirror on the wall…


My favorite masterpiece to stare at.


Walt Disney Concert Hall. I can’t believe I had never been there before!



Top (similar) // Shorts (on sale! same brand. basically the same. diff fabric.) // Sunglasses // Sandals // Purse

This past weekend to celebrate Father’s Day, Alec and I took his parents to LA to go to The Broad museum. I’ve wanted to go forever and randomly checked their website a couple months ago and they had tickets available finally! It was such a cool and funky museum and offered many photo ops so that’s an added bonus!

It wasn’t huuuuge though and we made our way through pretty quickly (we didn’t take the time to overanalyze the balloon dog, I guess). We also didn’t get there early enough to get into the infinity room so we will DEF be back soon for that! We didn’t want to just head home so we decided to do some exploring at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, Grand Central Market, and Perch. WELL, it was in the mid 90’s so there are definitely better ideas we have had in our lives….we were melting (so were the soles of our shoes).

Perch was SO fun though despite the fact that we were roasting on a rooftop drinking cocktails with melted ice. I’ve also wanted to go there for so long. You have to go up so many different elevators and make these little stops to get there, I felt like I was getting into some secret club hehe. I would totally recommend checking this place out! And get the Lolita cocktail (grapefruit, cucumber, and champagne oh my!).

Anyways, I love exploring new things in the place I call home. I feel like I’ve been day dreaming so much lately of going around the world and visiting new sites but really, there seriously is so much even here in LA that I have yet to experience! But that still won’t stop my day dreams… to my imaginary Italy I go….

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