ausi ausi ausi | Hamilton Island, Australia


  1. I am a WIFE!!
  2. The past three weeks have been insane/ the best three weeks of my whole life.
  3. My wedding was a literal fairytale and I CAN’T WAIT to show you the photos once they are ready!

For our honeymoon, we spent two weeks going to Australia and Hawaii! More specifically, a week on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef, 1 1/2 days in Sydney, & 5ish days in Maui! Like literally what is my life. It was unbelievably amazing and the whole time Alec and I literally just kept talking about how grateful we were because it didn’t even feel like real life.

Since we liiiiiiterally (have I been saying literally a lot?) took 2154 photos on the camera alone, I’m breaking this “honeymoon post” up into a few smaller posts in order to preserve your precious time so you won’t be reading for an hour (also because I’m supposed to be unpacking our apartment and if I’m blogging all day, that doesn’t make me a very good new wifey, now does it?).

OKAY BUT FIRST. HERE IS A VIDEO that we made of all the highlights from our trip!! It’s so good you guys. I mean I made it on a plane whilst already being very jet-lagged (how is that possible?!) so I could be a little biased…but it’ll give you a little sneak peak of the blog posts to come!! *wink wink*

So here is a look into some highlights from our time at Hamilton Island! The first few days were sooooo muggy it was a joke. I literally (there I go again) didn’t wear makeup the entire trip because there was honestly no point. But after wearing makeup for 4 1/2 years as a living and being dolled up for the wedding, the face freedom felt good! We did so much in this first week! It was the “adventure” part of the trip. We went on a sunset sail around the Whitsunday Islands, took a freaking helicopter to Whitehaven Beach (the whitest/ softest sand in the world) (this will have to be its own post because I don’t know many times in my life that I have ever been as joyful as I was on that beach), held koalas, jet skied around the island, and scuba dove (dived?) the GREAT BARRIER REEF. And that was just week one. pinching myself. So I am going to share a few of my favorite moments and as the blogs continue, I will break down more of what you all want to hear about the most!

(also, can I just say that I am completely blown away by how many of you are already subscribed to my blog?! You guys rock and you’re really upping my self-esteem 😉 jk…kinda)


truly one of the prettiest sights I have ever seen in my life
if I had a dollar for every time someone told me this looked like it was from The Bachelor…(but that’s what it felt like so….)
honeymoons are fabulous but you end up with a lot of selfies and photos of each other so enjoy one of the few photos of both of us!


if you look carefully…you can see the koala lady’s hands panicking because I was too excited and started to move and the koala was gonna scratch my skin off soon
ugh my heart
saying I got to scuba dive the GBR is one of the coolest things ever
oh look another selfie
WARNING do not feed one bird on your balcony because he will tell his friends and as calm & Snow White-esque as I look here, I ran inside about .02 seconds after
I mean really, how is that even real life?


before we took off in our metal death trap- I mean helicopter

7 thoughts on “ausi ausi ausi | Hamilton Island, Australia

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your “bigger than life” honeymoon pics, video(good to see both you) & thoughts. Treats of many varieties. Blessings!
    Also to read of your grateful hearts. Love & prayers Gma❤️


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