How to Introduce a New Kitten

Hello blog world! Meet Theo! You may be like my mother when we told her we got a second kitten and say “Heather what are you doing??” (don’t worry, she is more excited to see him than me now). Well if you watch the vlog, you will understand but long story short, Piper, our first born sweet angel child was soooo hyper. Climbing all over our furniture and just being super antsy since she is alone for a good part of the day. I know she is only 8 months old, and she is going to chill out, but we were like “ok we need to figure something out because this is driving us crazy”. And by us, I mean me. So flash forward to a week ago today when I saw the humane society by us post pictures of these cuuuuute kittens and I convinced Alec just to go look. Which, I mean, don’t do that unless you seriously think you will adopt one because something happens to your brain when holding little tiny animals and you become incapacitated. We spotted our little man and I knew in my bones that I loved him but he had just had his surgery so we had to come back the next morning to get him.

They warned us that we should get there early, before the humane society even opened, because people literally line up outside for adoptions. And they were right…Alec said it felt like Black Friday. So anyways, we got to hold Theo and play a little and even though we had asked to meet a few of the ones we liked while we were there, there was no need once we got to hold Theo. We were sold. Once we brought him home, we were tasked with the fun of introducing him to our existing cat, which is historically somewhat of a challenge since cats are so territorial. The humane society told us to give them at least a week of being separated to get used to each other’s smells and I was like uhhhh suuuuure….

We kept Theo in our upstairs bathroom and set up his food and litter box and bed and let Piper and him smell each other under the door and paw at each other for a few hours. I was amazed that there wasn’t a single hiss or growl or arched back or fluffed tail from either of them. Later on in the evening, I sat in the loft and held Theo while Alec played with Piper so he could watch and they could actually see each other but not make any contact. Alec kept getting annoyed at me for getting them just a little too close for comfort so early on but they both seemed so interested in each other and they were only being playful and friendly, not aggressive or territorial at all! We fed them their wet food at the same time just on opposite sides of the door since apparently that is what you are supposed to do when introducing cats. We kept Theo in the bathroom to sleep that night, despite his constant meows, but Piper would actually jump up and run over all throughout the night to put her paw under the door whenever Theo was crying.

Come the next morning, I was like “alright let’s get this show on the road” since there had been zero signs of any animosity. We let Theo out and just stood there while Piper came over and they did their little sniff thing and gently pawed at each other for a little. Within 5 minutes they were running around and wrestling and the rest is history!

We moved their food bowls into the same room and moved Theo’s bed into the loft. We still have the second litter box in that bathroom but I want to try to phase it out soon and hopefully they can both just use the electric litter box since sharing that doesn’t seem to be a problem for them.

I know that this may have been one of the less helpful blog posts on introducing kittens but both of them are so darn friendly and playful that I think it was just a match made in heaven. Apparently, a male and female are supposed to be a good match instead of two females but the humane society said that’s a myth 🤷🏼‍♀️ well, it worked for us! I hope you enjoyed our cute vlog of this process and I hope you have a PURRRfect weekend!

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