At Home Teeth Whitening: Does it Work?

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So if you know me well, then you know my smile is one of my favorite features. I had braces 6th-8th grade and the day they came off, people literally started rumors in junior high that I had plastic surgery because my smile and face looked so different and so improved so my teeth have always been a big priority to me. Fun fact, I really wanted to get into boxing when I was in high school (lol) and my mom absolutely refused to let me because she didn’t want me to mess up my teeth. So, in hindsight, thanks mom!

I have used a few different whitening products in my life. My main go-to whitening method in high school was the whitening strips. I always bought name brand and followed the instructions exactly. I’ve always had success with those but they take awhile to see results (10-14 days usually). But the biggest con is that strips use a different whitening method that can be extremely damaging to your enamel and can cause severe sensitivity to your teeth over time.

I also had professional whitening trays made by my dentist before my wedding and used those for awhile. Those are nice because I only had to wear them for about 30 minutes a day for 3 days or so before I saw my results. These are $$$ though and honestly, my teeth have never been that yellow where I needed whitening that badly. In fact, when I had the trays made, my dentist held up the whitening scale to my teeth and they were basically already at the whitest.

It had been awhile since I last whitened at the brightest of my teeth has definitely diminished despite the fact that I always drink my coffee through a straw in the morning. When Smile Brilliant reached out to me, the timing couldn’t have been better! The whole process has been so easy and so quick that any delay has been on my part, not theirs! They sent me my whitening kit right away and I made impressions of my teeth and sent them back. This process was extremely fool-proof and actually pretty fun! Within a matter of days, I received my custom fitted trays (think the clear ones you get after getting braces off but rubbery and super comfortable) and I was ready to begin!

(Here I am creating my impressions lol^)

I only needed to use the Smile Brilliant trays for a 2-5 days, 45 minutes at a time, before I had the results I wanted, however some people might need 10-14 days depending on the stain level of their teeth. But after just one session, they were visibly whiter. The stark brightness toned down after a couple of hours (but in a good way) and they looked fantastic!

Teeth whiteners are really stain removers. They bring your teeth as close as possible to their original color, but that doesn’t mean it will make them the brightest white out there. Because my teeth were pretty white when I began the process, I didn’t want to overdo it. My teeth have a tendency to start to look grey if I whiten them too much or I start to develop spots on my teeth, which I definitely don’t want. So for me, it only took a few sessions, but I can without a doubt say that I am confident Smile Brilliant can whiten any color of teeth out there.

Studies done over the past 5 years have shown lab direct whitening (such as Smile Brilliant) to be safe and effective with minimal side effects. However, some people, like me, may have tooth sensitivity (caused by tooth dehydration, NOT enamel damage) and gum irritation, but this disappears upon discontinuation or lessening the use of the Hi-Intensity Whitening Gel (which I used!).

Smile Brilliant is truly an amazing company with products that WORK. It is safe, cost-effective, easy, quick, and gets you real results on your terms. I am so grateful to be working with Smile Brilliant to help others smile with confidence. Having a smile you are proud can make all the difference in the world in a person and if you are feeling the push to have a brighter smile, look no further than Smile Brilliant!

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So without further ado, here is my before and after (for my teeth and my new hair lol). Like I said, my teeth really weren’t in bad shape when I started. They were probably already pretty white by most people’s standards but they just weren’t as *bright* as they could be. Thank you Smile Brilliant for my beautiful new smile!

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