We Adopted A Kitten

Blog world, meet Piper!! SHE IS AN ABSOLUTE DOLL!!! She is such a little ball of energy and she is also helping us keep our apartment very tidy so she doesn’t get into anything 😂 We have only had her one week and I feel like she is already so much bigger!! I want her to stay my little bean forever. You absolutely have to watch the vlog ^ to see her coming home for the first time. We also talk about why we named her Piper (hint: it has to do with champagne of course) and you’ll also find out why the heck we got her in the first place because bringing a kitten into our home wasn’t exactly in the plan….

I also want to share my new kitten tips now that I am a one-week-in-seasoned-kitten-professional:

  1. Obviously just let them come out of their carrier on their own time when you bring them home. It only took her about 30 seconds to come out when we brought her home. She was sniffing everything and she was really jumpy but it was probably only 3 minutes before she was playing. She also started eating within 5 minutes and used her litter box. Thankfully she was already litter box trained but cats are pretty instinctual when it comes to that anyways. We also used a big mirror to barricade the hallway so for the first hour or so, she only had access to our office and her bathroom with her food and litter box in it so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.
  2. Don’t feed them first thing in the morning. We were given this advice and I want to give it to you! Don’t feed them first thing in the morning otherwise they will get on a schedule and demand to be fed every morning no matter if it’s the weekend or daylight savings or whatever. You don’t want to give them any extra reason to wake you up (but they will still be jumping on your head at 5am either way)
  3. Feed them wet food at night. We have dry food and water out for her all the time and then we feed her this wet kitten food when Alec gets home at night and she goes craaaaazy for it. It has only been a week and she knows to go right in the bathroom when Alec comes home to be fed lol. Even though cat food is literally one of the nastiest smells in the world, it has a lot of water and cats have a tendency to get dehydrated so it’s a sneaky way to give them lots of liquids.
  4. You can’t really discipline a cat. She is still really little and isn’t able to jump on a lot of stuff yet but she is learning how to parkour very quickly. The biggest thing is that we don’t want her jumping onto our coffee table, kitchen table, counters, or scratching furniture. The only thing she scratches so far is our headboard (I’m heading to Petco today to get deterant stuff) but when she does scratch or jumps on a table we just pick her up and set her on the ground. You aren’t supposed to pick them up and then hold them because they will learn that if they want to be held, they have to jump on the table.
  5. Get them used to their carrier. We leave her carrier out at all times so she can go inside and smell it and be used to it. We have taken her in the car a couple times already and she has no problem with it. She usually just falls asleep after like 5 minutes. Hopefully that won’t change after I take her to the vet this week…
  6. Don’t let them actually bite you hard. So obviously kittens are super playful and somehow I already have scratches all over my body. Idk. She mostly just likes to paw at my hands or lightly nibble but when she is in full Hyper Piper mode, that girl will chomp down so I just let out a loud OW and she backs off right away. I’ve noticed that she’s learned to be a little gentler already and be more playful than actually aggressive but I mean it has only been a week so stay tuned lol….

2 thoughts on “We Adopted A Kitten

  1. Where did you purchase that cat toy? Also, I love this preset! Is there a way to get the preset? Thank you!


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