Last Minute Mother’s Day Amazon Gifts

I don’t know about you but I feel like time is flying by lately (maybe that’s because I haven’t been home for like the past 6 weekends…trust me, you don’t want to see what shape our apartment is in right now…). But hopefully you remembered that Sunday is Mother’s Day!! If you are still on the hunt for a last minute gift for yo mama, I found some really cute items on Amazon that should get to you before Sunday if you order today!

Also, tomorrow I am sharing a vlog and recipe post of a very um, interesting cake that you could make for Mother’s Day. Stay tuned!

Coasters $20 | These look like a dupe of the crystal coasters from Anthropologie and they are a way better deal! So cute for mom’s coffee table.

Ina Cookbook $25 | Giada Cookbook $22 | I don’t know about your moms but mine LOVES cookbooks. No really, it’s like, a problem. It’s almost time for an intervention…

Sunglasses $12 | These are dupes of the Gucci sunglasses (almost identical to the $450 real ones). Every other blogger out there is wearing these right now but if your mom loves a good oversized sunglass look, she will love these.

Sandals $23 | These are also a dupe for the Hermes sandal (which will run you $650). Plus they have multiple colors! The sandal of the summer.

Beach Bag $31 | I saw someone recently post about this bag and thought it was so cute! I love a good summer tassel moment. Mama will be lookin’ so chic with this summer tote.

Gold Earrings $11 | I may or may not be buying these for myself because they are SO CUTE. This style is super popular lately but they also sell multiple styles and colors if geometric gold statement earrings don’t quite float your mom’s boat.

Lipstick Organizer $8 | How you like that price, The Container Store?? Seriously you can’t beat it. I bought myself one of these last month and it has helped SO much to keep my lipsticks organized. If you want to go above and beyond, you can buy her a lipstick (like my fave MAC color Blankety) to get her started.

HP Tango with Cork Cover $214 | Okay this is so random but I saw this recently and thought it was so cute and clever. I don’t know about you but I don’t think of printers as being very sightly items around the home. HP now makes this cute little printer with these different covers so they can be statement pieces on a shelf and then convert to a working printer so your mom can print out all the cute selfies you take together.

Pot Holders $16 | Since my mom cooks so much, I feel like her potholders tend to look worn out pretty often. I stumbled upon these (they have other patterns too) and thought they would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift for all the cooking mama’s. (Get it?)

Heart Shaped Waffle Maker $50 | Bonus points if you actually make her waffles Mother’s Day morning.

Joule Sous Vide $179 | A little pricier but doesn’t your mom deserve it?! My mom actually has one of these and loves it! It makes cooking a delicious, perfectly cooked meal so easy. You seal the meat, put it in the water bath, set the doneness on the app, and let the Joule go to work. Also a very good idea for working mama’s out there. Crock-pot who???

Vase $23 | Last but certainly not least, don’t underestimate the power of a bouquet of flowers. But I’d recommend picking out a pretty vase like this one to accompany the bouquet. It really is about the thought for your mom so if you go out of your way not only to buy her flowers but also picked out a vase for those flowers, it really shows an extra level of thoughtfulness.

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