Universal Studios at Christmas

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Ho ho holllllly moly Christmas Eve is ONE week from today!!! I am so excited I can’t even STAND IT!!!! This week is going to absolutely FLY by because we are so busy. Tonight we are driving into Bellevue, WA to go to Snowflake Lane which is a giant parade that they shut the street down for and make it snow and I’ve never been so off we go. Tuesday we are having an office party/ open house thing that I have to decorate and bring food in for. Wednesday I am going to Alec’s office Christmas party dinner. Thursday, my boss is taking all of us out for Christmas lunch and then my parents and brother are coming over for dinner so they can see our Christmas decorations in our apartment. Then Friday we are going to a Christmas party at our family friend’s house. Saturday I am baking for Christmas. Sunday we are meeting up with one of my loveliest girlfriends who is in town and getting brunch (aka mimosas) in Seattle and then taking the ferry to my parents to have an early Christmas celebration with my cousins. Then we are back to Monday, Christmas Eve where we are going to my mom’s parents to celebrate with them, Christmas Eve Service, then open Christmas presents. Christmas Day we open stockings, make Christmas brunch, and then have everyone over for a Christmas feast. ARE YOU EXHAUSTED JUST READING THAT. I think I’m sweating. ANYWAYS, If you followed along on my instagram this weekend, you’ll see that Alec surprised me with a trip to Leavenworth, WA which is the literally “The Most Christmasy Town in America”. I will posting about that trip this week but first I have to share these pictures from our Universal Studios trip a few weeks back! It was Alec’s idea to bring his whole family to Universal Studios Hollywood while we were visiting after Thanksgiving (which feels like just yesterday). It was so fun having it decorated for Christmas, especially Harry Potter World. They had snow on the buildings and they actually made it snow (or snoap (soap snow) like we called it in Disneyland) after the really impressive holiday light show on Hogwarts castle. Alec and I watched the Harry Potter series for the first time just a couple years ago and then he immediately bought them all on DVD. Now we are slowly making our way through watching them through for a second time with my mom because she hasn’t seen them either! So we definitely aren’t Potter-heads but we are fans so we got a cute ornament for our tree that I showed off here. Also, we ate at the Three Broomsticks restaurant in Harry Potter world and got the feast for four or whatever they call it and it was SO yummy. And always always get butterbeer (alllllllso, I tried the hot and the cold and I think cold is WAY better contrary to popular opinion).

LET ME TELL YOU THIS PEOPLE…it was SOOOOO crowded. Like 2 hour waits for everything and people evvvvverywhere. Like Christmas Day Disneyland crowds. We went the Saturday after Thanksgiving so I mean, we were asking for it but I was pretty shocked. We got into the park about 15 minutes after it opened and there was already over an hour wait for the big Harry Potter ride. Yeah, crazy. 

But it was really fun going with Alec’s family because his parents hadn’t been since they were kids and his sister hadn’t been ever. They loved the back lot tour (always my favorite part) and we also did the animal stunt show and the whole time I was thinking “this is going to be so boring” but it was actually one of my favorites so props to Colette for wanting to go 👍🏼

Okay well I hope you have enjoyed this little commentary and stay tuned for a handful of blog posts this week because I have a lot to share!! Exciting stuff…..xoxo

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