Gift Guide 2018: Beauty

Okay, I don’t think many of us want to show up to the gift exchange with yet another bath & body works lotion (yes I know they are buy 3 get 3 free right now which is a pretty solid deal but STILL) or a random bath bomb or some cheap lip gloss for your girlfriends. I mean, if that’s your thang, more power to ya…but I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty related items to gift the wonderful women in your life so they can enjoy their me-time in style:

Under $50:

Mac Shiny Pretty Things Goody Bag | $39.50 | Umm, hello who wouldn’t want to receive this gorg trio from Mac?? I love this gift because, well, I love Mac lipsticks, I think the colors will flatter almost anyone (they do have other options though) and I think it’s an amazing deal (if you bought these all separate, it’d be $64) to not only get a compelte lip set but a cute new bag to accompany it.


Diptyque Baies Mini Candle | $35 | Ok this is very basic but this cute little candles are so trendy yet classic and they will last you a long time (yes, even this little baby sized version!)


Voluspa Prosecco Candle |$27 | Ugh sorry another candle…I’m really trying not to list stereotypical gifts here but I LOOOVE Voluspa candles and the prosecco one is my favorite scent! Anyone would be excited to receive this gift! 71qwEVGAzKL._SY355_

Kiehl’s Ultra Face Cream | $49.50 | Ok this one is actually on my wishlist (that I actually distributed to my family). My friend let me borrow hers one night and no joke, my dry face didn’t need moisturizer for two whole days afterwards! I didn’t even remember to put any on, my face was so moisturized!!


Jade Roller | $16 | So I am not into gems and crystals or any of that, I honestly just think these feel so good on my face! I get mine cold and then rub my moisturizer in with it. Supposedly it helps with fine lines & wrinkles too lol


OPI Infinite Shine Primer & Shine | $19.95 | Since I got my acrylics off, I’ve struggled to find a polish that will stay stuck to my nails for more than 24 hours! I’ve had good luck with this OPI set and I find it stays on longest if I clean my nail with nail polish remover first to get all the oils off my nails even if there’s no polish on there! I keep my nails neutral so my favorite polish colors are Bubble Bath, Taupe-less Beach, Lisbon, and Alpine Snow.



Over $50:

Drybar The Most Wonderful Kit of the Year | $199 | This is the blow dryer I use every single day and I am obsessed. I have gone through soooo many and was using the T3 for awhile but this one puts out so much power when on full blast that I can dry my hair within like 3 minutes. BUT WAIT. This kit comes with the blow dryer (which is $195 on its own) PLUS a bazillion other amazing products that I actually use every day (see my hair guide here lol). I wouldn’t think twice about this amazing gift. The value of everything at full price is almost $300!! Everyone is going crazy with the fancy new Dyson blow dryer but that is double the price and I can’t vouch for it sooooo…I vote for this one!  (or you can get this one which is $299 but almost a $500 value whaaaat) fb5f54e8-b7b7-42ca-80b1-2651a204bc2d.jpeg

Jo Malone London Wild Bluebell Travel Perfume | $63 | OMG listen to me when I say this is one of the yummiest scents ever!! This scent is on my wish list this year. I linked the travel size because the full size is $136 and if you’re feeling spendy, then go crazy, but Jo Malone makes such gorgeous classic scents and I feel like they really stay on me for awhile unlike some other perfumes out there…


T3 Twirl Trio Convertible Curling Iron | $325 | Okay I think this is so cool because I have drawers full of hot tools that I’ve collected and it would be MUCH more reasonable to have one tool with interchangeable barrels. This item is actually on my official wish list. Personally, I like using barrels with clamps because it is easier to curl and that type of wand gives you more voluptuous curls, but they also have a clamp-less barrel version if you prefer more of the beachy wave look.


Slip Pure Silk Pillowcase | $85 | GET THIS PILLOWCASE. This is the one that I use and I can’t recommend it enough! I have semi-sensitive skin and my hair is dry and breaks and I have definitely seen a change in both since switching to a silk pillowcase. It keeps your hair from breaking in your sleep and helps with face wrinkles because unlike a normal pillowcase, it allows your face and hair to glide and not get stuck when you move around in your sleep. Trust me, I’ve seen a difference. You will too.


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