Since We’ve Moved + 12 Things



  1. I really wish I could sing and I really admire literally all my other girl cousins with beautiful voices. I got the short end of that stick.
  2. I also really wish I learned my chords on the piano. I took lessons for like 10 years and never learned my chords and now I have a passion for it again but it’s hard to just go up and play without those skills. I guess it’s never too late….
  3. I am trying to plan a trip to Disney World and HOLY COW it is SO expensive without having my cast member discount anymore lol. Like even the cheap Disney hotels there are $$.
  4. Since we moved and finally got a new apartment about 10 days ago (!!!), there will be a new apartment tour vid coming soon-ish!! (Here is our old one)
  5. I’m honestly shocked that after just a week, we are basically totally unpacked. It’s a miracle. Now it’s just like little organizing/ decorating stuff but still, it literally took me months before.
  6. These pictures are actually from way back in February and I just came across them and realized I hadn’t shared! We went to the Metropolitan Grill for my bday and OMG I can’t believe that was my first time going because HELLO it was scrumptious. And we went to the top of the Columbia Tower, the tallest building in Seattle. Look at those #views!!
  7. I think it’s hilarious (not actually) that this is the year we moved to WA because we have like 9 events going on in CA that we are flying down for this year 🙃
  8. I think I really underestimated how much I would be saddened by leaving my friends when we made this move. If I’m being honest, for the majority of my time in CA, I never felt like I really really connected with many girls (probs because I was with Alec 24/7) until the end. Then right before we left I reflected and was like “wow, I finally have multiple groups of girlfriends here that are having babies and getting married and doing really amazing things and I feel so connected and now I’m just leaving”. I wasn’t really anticipating those feels but…yup…here we are lol. So if you live in WA and are looking for a new friend 🙋🏼
  9. Ok that was heavy. I’ve been cooking a ton out of Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings cookbook this week and I am SO excited for her second one. To this day I have not made anything bad from her book. My faves are the dutch baby pancake, secretly spicy deviled eggs (minus the spicy stuff lol), John’s breakfast sandwiches, shaved Brussel sprout salad, sesame chicken noodles, and ohhhhhh mah gawsh the prosciutto wrapped chicken is diviiiiine.
  10. Should I make more vlogs? Just like day-to-day stuff or different topics like what I eat in a day or how I workout or how I make hair extensions? Idk, lemme know. DM me on insta or comment on here.
  11. We are going to a wedding in Sacramento this weekend which is lovely but all I am thinking is “IN N OUT IN 48 HOURS!!”
  12. I’m also reading a great book (which is saying something because I’m seriously not a reader) called The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands. I’m about 1/3 into it and it’s super fascinating and usually I’m not into these types of books because they all say the same thing but it’s written by Dr. Laura who is a pretty famous, super no-nonsense radio host. I think it’s a great read even if you are seriously dating or engaged. It teaches you how to just be a good partner and not take advantage of people. Ok, time to go read!! Bye!

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