last fling before the ring

Okay so here I go again publishing a new blog post right in the middle of something hectic (i.e. moving our stuff into our new home in less than 24 hours and still trying to pack). I think I am using this blog as a tool of procrastination…

BUT I could not wait any longer to share some amazing photos from my bachelorette party in San Francisco this past weekend! It was literally one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had and all of the girls put in so much effort to be there and make it special for me. I love them all to pieces!! Our wannabe-hashtag was #JungAtHeart (if you know how to pronounce my current last name then you will get it) and omg they had so many surprises planned for me!

Friday afternoon we all arrived and the rest of that night was pretty chill (just like the champagne we consumed). We played games and took pictures (shocker), opened gifts, and somehow ended up at a Taco Bell Express because nothing says “my wedding is in 2 1/2 weeks” better than Taco Bell Express).

Saturday was the day, people. In the morning they took me to a private “yoga” class (hint: it definitely was not yoga and they totally surprised me and for the sake of my innocent readers, I will not dive into further detail but the studio was called Vertical Barre so…). That afternoon, we went to the Palace Hotel and had the most amazing high tea because that is MY THING. For real, high tea is my jam you guys. Try it. It was the most beautiful setting and I hope everyone there was amused with 8 girls taking 8000 photos of the chandeliers and the harpist and our tea sandwiches. Very classy. Later we went to a bar called The View at the top of a hotel that literally has windows for walls and I wore my veil to make a scene and get free-be’s (it worked btw). We ate dinner at Hakkasan (OMG BOMB.COM) and had the absolute best time reminiscing around the table about old memories.

OKAY. (are you still reading???) GOOD. The best though was walking from the bar to the restaurant and spotting a fire truck parked on the side of the road. Hannah, my lovely MOH, was like “go take a picture by it!” Not one to turn down a photo-op, I posed by the truck. BUT THEN the fireman got out of the truck and was all like “Do you want to come sit in the truck for a photo?” UMMM YES?! So I’m just living in the moment and then all the firemen get out and let all of us girls into the truck and take photos for us while we are all like screaming because hello, we are dying at this moment. However, firetrucks are actually pretty tall, just like my heels were, and in the midst of my struggle to climb down, the fireman comes over and PICKS ME UP thus creating the photo of the weekend (don’t worry, Alec saw the humor in it).

All in all, there were so many memories made and once again my friends made me feel so loved and I am so grateful for every one of them blah blah blah okay here are the photos!


thank you stranger for jumping in the back of my photo.





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