Fantastic Four

Today marks four weeks before the biggest day of my life! Ahh! Honestly though, I really haven’t been very stressed out. Of course there’s moments when there are 13 wedding emails that need responses, 27 decisions that need to be made, and 3 appointments to attend all within 24 hours. BUT I have seriously enjoyed planning this wedding so much (probably thanks to Pure Lavish Events! Yay for shout-outs!). It is going to be an absolute magical dream wedding and I am marrying my dream man!

So I thought I would share four wonderful things that I love about Alec in honor of the four week countdown (hmm…maybe it is time to start a slight panic…FOUR WEEKS!!)

  1. He thinks he’s extra cool when he is wearing his camo hoodie & timberland boots but really, I always think he’s extra cool 😉 picfxfile
  2. He loves loves loves me so much that I can’t even put it into words. He rocks my socks off with the amount of love & kindness & patience he shows towards me!img_8503
  3. I could LITERALLY watch paint dry/ watch grass grow with him and have a good time. He is my best friend and I have never/ will never get tired of being by his side. IN FACT, for the first two years of dating, we saw each other every single day. No like literally. Every day. If we knew there was something going on the next day where we couldn’t see each other, we would make sure that we saw each other past midnight so technically “we saw each other that day”. Pathetic or romantic? I’m going with the latter. img_7415
  4. Gosh I could make a really long list here…but I’ll end with this one. Alec is truly the love of my life & he has the sweetest heart. I am so blessed to be loved by him & to get to love him back. He brought me roses on our first date and he’s brought a smile to my face every day since (even if it’s over FaceTime…boo to not living close). I CAN’T WAIT for this epic wedding but I can’t wait even more for the entire lifetime I get to spend with this stud! img_8504

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