How to Make the Most Out of a Staycation

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A couple months ago, Alec and I had the chance to stay at the W Bellevue for our wedding anniversary and wowie wow we were impressed! And before I give you my tips for making the most out of a staycation, let me tell you a quick story.

SO we got free drink tickets for their bar since we were celebrating and honestly, by the time we had our own champagne in our room and went out to our snazzy dinner at Seastar, we weren’t entirely in the loud bar drinking mood. Nevertheless we still went and got our free drinks and just decided to bring them back up to our room. SO. We get our drinks, go to the elevator, and I start to go in because, like, that’s what you do and it wasn’t very full, maybe five guys in there. And this staff lady stops me and tells us that we are going to have to take the next one. Honestly I didn’t think much of it right then and there but I was like hmm that’s odd and I look in the elevator and it is JUSTIN FREAKING BIEBER. I know. Apparently since he has gotten his life on track with God (you go, Biebs), he comes up to Seattle a lot to Churchome to see his pastor buddy, Judah. So the doors close, I turn to Alec and am like “THAT WAS JUSTIN BIEBER OMGOMGOMG” and Alec is like “please don’t do this on our anniversary” (jk, he was excited too). And that was that (I’ll exclude the part where we tried to go find him for the next twenty minutes because it’s just too boring/ obnoxious/ creepy). I just can’t believe that after all the years I lived in LA I never once ran into him and then of course, a week after moving to Washington, hey JB.

Okay so anyyyyywho…here are a couple of things I find to be most helpful during a staycation:

  1. Just unpack. If it’s a staycation then it’s probably just for a weekend or some short amount of time and you probably did one of two things. You either meticulously planned each outfit because you only needed a couple OR you didn’t care at all and threw random stuff in your bag because it’s just a short trip. Either way, it’ll be much easier to find your stuff/ it really won’t take long to just unpack.
  2. Don’t be afraid to ask the front desk for perks lol. Either fill them in on why you are there for something special or just make a big deal out of the fact you are being whimsical and financially free and taking a quick trip! Maybe they will hook you up with free drink or appetizer cards or somethin. I mean it can’t hurt.
  3. Bring all the beauty tester things you have stored in some baggie and try them out over the weekend! When we are at home, we have our routine and it’s hard to just randomly add in all these tester products but they are usually compact with only a bit to try so voila perfect for a staycation!
  4. If you took the time/ money to go to a particularly cool hotel, like the W, then I would suggest really making the most of the hotel amenities. Go to the pool or lounge or enjoy the cool room/ view!
  5. Here is the thing, as I am typing this out, I am realizing that there are so many reasons why people would go for a staycation whether it is to explore a quaint town or visit a new city or a shopping trip or just to relax and do nothing or to go eat at new places so I guess the umbrella suggestion I can make for all of the above is just whatever you do, do a lot of it. If you’re going to explore, go to all the places on your list, or if you want to relax, bring your cozies and get that hotel robe on first thing.

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