Sunny Springy Seattle

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Last weekend we got to fly back to my home in Washington for the first since getting married and to celebrate Alec’s 25th birthday!! It was so so so fun and omg I am still so full!!

We flew in on his actual birthday and spent the day wandering around Seattle like the *toursits* we are and had an amazing lunch at Lowell’s in Pike’s Place with an AH-MAZING view! Then we made our way over to Bellevue and seriously had THE best meal ever at John Howie. Two words- Tempura Bacon. I was trying not to be THAT obnoxious millennial and take pictures of all the food at a fancy restaurant but it was all so pretty so I just had to be swift and stealthy about it. John Howie is so cool because they prepare a ton of stuff table side (like Alec’s Cuba Libre, our tuna tartar, Caesar salad, and banana’s foster). We were all cracking up because Alec just wouldn’t stop eating and by the end, the struggle was so real (we seriously ordered so much food….those pics weren’t even all of it!) and you could see the pain in his eyes with every bite. But he is a champion and finished it all off! We stayed the night in Bellevue at the Hyatt which was amazing and they gave us free champagne so way to go, Hyatt! The next afternoon we went to Chateau St. Michelle winery in Woodinville and it was PACKED since it was the first Memorial Day weekend since 1995 with this kind of heat!! We finished off the night with homemade pizzas in our pizza oven and chopping off the top of a bottle of Dom with our champagne sabre (one of the best wedding gifts ever)! It was SUCH a fun weekend getting to spend quality time with my parents and kayak across the bay for ice cream and eat delicious treats.

I just love love love love Washington! People totally give it a bad wrap because of *rain* and granted, this winter in particular was v rainy. But when it is nice, wow, it is NICE, people! I love that I grew up there and yet there are SO many things that I still haven’t explored or cool colorful walls in Pike’s Place that I stumble upon! There are so many hikes and cool outdoorsy things I want to find too even though Alec and I aren’t toooo outdoorsy hahah. But if it has a cool place to take pictures….I’m in! We will be back in a few months and already have some fun new adventures planned so I can’t wait! Until then, I will continue my hypothetical travel planning and go to the gym to work off the tempura bacon and champagne! xoxo

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