Those days + 11 things

Do you ever have those days? THOSE days? Where you have this to-do list and think, “today this will be accomplished” and you want to eat healthy and be really productive and then you get to like 9pm and you’re like DANG IT I didn’t do it. No? Just me? Well yesterday was one of those days and you know what, it’s okay because a day of sporadic Netflix breaks can be a good thing sometimes. That’s what I tell myself. That’s really all I have to say about that since now I have to FOCUS since, well, we all know how I spent my day yesterday.

But I wanted to share 11 random things about myself/ my day with you first just for funsies:

  1. Inside Out is playing on my tv as my background noise and it’s so relatable and cute. Pixar movies are some of the best ones out there. (My faves are Finding Nemo & The Incredibles)
  2. I am really trying to branch out with my lipstick game and I am an unashamed Kardashian fan so I of course have a few lip kits. I’ve been blending them with Mac lipsticks and I think Kylie needs a new partner (me) because these shades I’m making are killer.
  3. I am really into *travel* lately and want to plan all these trips but two problems are (1.) I am such a safety person so international travel makes me anxious and (2.) money. But a girl can still hypothetically plan, right?! Right.
  4. I really really love these pants from Nordstrom for lounging. Literally THE softest.
  5. I’m really sad that Hamilton Island got so wrecked by Cyclone Debbie ): I feel all connected to that place now!
  6. I finally got Alec to watch The Devil Wears Prada with me last week (and he actually liked it muahaha)
  7. I’M SO EXCITED FOR ALEC’S BIRTHDAY. (it’s not until May 26 but I have so much planned and we are flying away for an adventure and it’s basically three weekends full of parties and surprises!)
  8. I 120% underestimated how long it would take me to unpack our apartment.
  9. I also 120% underestimated how much energy it takes to unpack a whole apartment and find space for two apartments worth of stuff in just one apartment (but once it’s done I can’t wait to show you all because tbh it is really cute!)
  10. omg Williams-Sonoma has this home scent called White Gardenia and I have never smelled something so heavenly in my life. My bedroom actually smells like heaven.
  11. I need some more photographer friends because I have all these fun ideas and Amber Fillerup is my muse and I want to go take pictures so HIT ME UP CAMERA PEOPLE! ❤

Okay enough procrastinating, Heather. Have a beautiful day everyone, BYE!!

(Also here’s some photos from a recent shoot and they are all really similar but I like them all sooooooooo….)

IMG_0723IMG_0722 2IMG_0720IMG_0721 2

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