Christmasy Pics & 12 Things

  1. I got some really awesome gifts for people this year. I also went over my budget. But a lot of them are really personal or literally personalized and I am soooo excited for Christmas (which is in less than two weeks!!!!)
  2. Remember back in the summer when I shared that I wanted to finish a book before Fall started…well I am still working on that book despite the fact that it is such a small book, but I am halfway done lol sorry book worms, I am not one of you.
  3. Question for my readers because Alec asked me & I am contemplating my answer…would you rather live somewhere where it is rainy often but not super cold or somewhere that has clear skies but is COLD,like cold cold cold? I see pros and cons to each and I’m really not sure…let me know in the comments por favor.
  4. So if you’ve watched any of my recent vlogs, you may have heard me drop the news that we are going on a big trip to Asia (!!!) the end of March which is coming up SO fast. As much as I am into the holiday season this year, it needs to be over because the carbs and sugar need to STAHP. In general I try to be as healthy as I can be but a girl is only so strong…everything in moderation including moderation, right?
  5. I am going to purge my closet/ life in the next couple of weeks because it is just too full (literally and metaphorically) so I made a poshmark, @heatherfern, because some of my stuff is actually pretty decent so why not share it with the internet before I share it with Goodwill, yannow?
  6. Starting tomorrow, I literally have something going on every single day until January 2 and my time management skills really need step the heck up or I am going to go crazy.
  7. I found a really good sushi place (finally) where we live and I have had sushi 4 out of the last 7 days so I guess it’s time to settle down but every day the craving hits…but I’m such a vanilla-sushi orderer because I get like the tempura rolls and stuff. Whatever, let me live my life. I’ll try to be more adventurous in Asia.
  8. Alec surprised me with a trip this weekend!! We are going somewhere snowy and I am SO excited. So stay tuned to see where we end up….
  9. Does anyone else get overwhelmed in the grocery store? I literally have to go in with a list or my mind will go blank. And even when I have a list, I will be shopping and think “nah I don’t want to make that anymore”. There are just too many options and I usually feel totally mentally drained after work. Blah blah I am just complaining now but curious if anyone else feels that way…
  10. I am super excited to get a house (nothing in the works yet but we are starting to look around a smidge) and then Alec is super excited to get a dog once we get a house and then we can fill the house with little mini-me’s and now I am getting ahead of myself. Give me a couple years…probably…
  11. Every single day I go look at the ornament that Pirouette Paper made for me from our Honeymoon. If you haven’t seen it yet,then you missed my Christmas Décor post and you should check it out. Also,auto-correct changed the word décor to make it fancier and I’m into it.
  12. Okay last but not least, I read (in my unfinished book) that you should begin every day with a few deep breaths and take a moment to choose someone to love that day. It can obviously be a spouse or a parent or a friend or a co-worker or your grocery store checker or a random stranger you saw on the street (who walks streets that often?) but when you start your day with a heart filled with loving-kindness (this literally will take 5 seconds) it really will help you be a happier, more joyful person (I mean, allegedly, I just read it last night so I’ll keep you posted…)

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