Heather’s Favorite Things 2017

Unfortunately, for many reasons, I am not Oprah. HOWEVER, much like the iconic woman, I am sharing with you my Favorite Things 2017 aka my Christmas Wish List. I know, how old am I like 5, because every year I actually type out a list and distribute it to my mom and Alec to then distribute to others lol. It is honestly very beneficial on both sides in my humble opinion. But really, I am basically going to copy and paste most of my actual list here so without further ado….. (let it be known that I lit a balsam & spice candle and am listening to the nutcracker soundtrack while typing this)

  1. Vans Checkered Slip-Ons. Trendy? Yes. Still really cute & practical? Yes._100472809
  2. Adidas Super Stars. I mean, a true classic._10195182
  3. Vitamix in White. I love making smoothies & soups &  I know these are expensive but these will literally last forever. Well, at least I’d like to find out if they do…lolimg58o
  4. Breville Panini Press. Am I such a dork for this? I absolutely love panini presses. They are so easy to use and clean up and just cook up some chicken or, duh, a panini for a quick lunch. I’ve done a ton of research and this one is the best one!! Easy to use and really really easy to clean plus you always want a detachable drip tray.
  5. Copper Mule Mugs. Again, classics, and Alec loves the hammered ones. Moscow Mules are one of the very few cocktails that I will drink and if it’s not in a copper mug, I can’t really come to terms with actually calling it a true Moscow Mule.hammered-copper-mug-o
  6. Good American Distressed Jeans. I’ve said it once (actually many times) and I will say it again, Good American jeans are my absolute favorite and it’s time to expand the collection.
  7. Anthropologie Myrtle Headband. I tried this on in navy in the store and they were SO cute!! I love the width and felt like I was really channeling my 2017 Blair Waldorf.
  8. Rebecca Minkoff Booties. Is it just me or do you get kind of stingy with your list? Like you don’t want to show other people what you really love so that they don’t copy you, hahah! Well I decided I would in fact share my very favorite item on my list. I just am so obsessed with these for some reason so fingers crossed…cough alec, cough mom…
  9. Free People Scarf. Alec makes fun of this because it is a giant scarf but I think it looks so cute and cozy and honestly I might have to see about getting this before we head to Seattle for the holidays…my favorite color is the neutral but I also really love the dark and light grey colors. (Update: I bought this in dark grey lol) 

  10. Calpak Packing Cubes. I have heard from everyone who has packing cubes that they love them and fit way more in their suitcases and everything stays organized so well (if you feel differently, please let me know below) but I am obsessed with white marble design so I want to try them out!_102073815
  11. Pardon Moi Tee. I just think this is cute. And I like the saying and sleeve length. But a little pricey for a tee shirt don’t we think, anthro? (I’m also loving the purse which is actually cheaper than the tee)4112259090726_001_b
  12. 23 and Me DNA Test. Okay now I am a dork. But I really really want to do these with Alec and see what all our DNA is and even the health reports!23andme-anne-wojcicki-next-generation-sequencing-2-24817-1477502838-3_dblbig.jpg
  13. Apple TV 4k. Because it’s time to update.apple-tv-hero-select-201709
  14. Ugg Scuffette II Slippers. I love these in the Sand color. I have a pair of moccasin Ugg slippers but my feet get SO hot in them so I hardly wear them so I love this style much better!


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