10 Rules For Communicating With Your Spouse Okay so this video is honestly one of my favorites so far. I just laugh out loud every time I watch it. Maybe I just think that we are funnier than we actually are (probably true), but I hope you all love it as much as we do! I read this book a while…… Continue reading 10 Rules For Communicating With Your Spouse

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First FabFitFun Box! Happy Tuesday! Okay first, I am SO excited for you guys to see our Newlywed Wednesday video tomorrow. We keep watching it and can’t stop laughing at ourselves. But second, I FINALLY hopped on the FabFitFun train and got my first box!! And I was SO impressed!!!! You can watch the video above and…… Continue reading First FabFitFun Box!


The Learning Curve // New to Newlywed So Alec and I dated for just over 3 years before we got married and now we are creeping up on 5 years of knowing each other! Of course, before you marry someone, you want to make sure that you know them really REALLY well, you know, before you commit the rest of your…… Continue reading The Learning Curve // New to Newlywed


Favorite Fall Accessories: Nordstrom

I. LOVE. FALL. It is a fabulous time of year where (unless you are in Southern California), the leaves turn orange and the air begins to feel crisp, and the warmth of PSL’s fills your tummy. Even though it is supposed to be nearly 90º today (lol send help), accessories are a fantastic way to…… Continue reading Favorite Fall Accessories: Nordstrom


Love Languages, Quality Time, & Costume Shopping Happy Wednesday!! Man, having a real job is tiring! I know every adult reading this is rolling their eyes but compared to working an afternoon shift as a Disney Princess, getting up at 6 am every day and sitting at a desk for 8 hours is a 180. That being said, I have about…… Continue reading Love Languages, Quality Time, & Costume Shopping

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Alec Does My Makeup + 10 Things

I’ll tell ya, there’s not a lot of scenarios where you put as much trust into your husband as when you give him full access to hundreds of dollars worth of makeup. ALSO, can we talk about the ridiculous prices of makeup. It’s a sham. Take a watch for yourself at today’s Newlywed Wednesday video…… Continue reading Alec Does My Makeup + 10 Things