Day in LA

Happy Saturday!

Even though I have lived in Southern California for going on 5 years now, I rarely ever actually go into LA. It’s just SOOO crowded (literally like 11am, 2pm, 10pm, you will always sit in traffic) and I would just rather avoid the stress that comes with managing my way through LA. BUT we wanted to do something different and wouldn’t ya know it, we decided to explore LA.

We actually had a lot planned but literally as we were driving away from our home to head out, I checked my email and our wedding photos arrived! So obviously we had to go back to view them on the big screen because I had been waiting 6 weeks for these puppies. Eventually we made it to LA but didn’t have time for the flower mart. We headed over towards West Hollywood and did some shopping, stumbled upon the infamous pink wall, and I finally got to bring Alec to SHAKE SHACK. (In-n-out or Shake Shack? Is there a verdict?) Personally, I like Shake Shack….but Alec is a loyal In-n-Outter so we are a divided household.

Also, as you’ll see below, I got the most girly, sparkly, bubblegum pink shoes a girl could find from Topshop and I just so happened to have them in our car when we got to the pink wall (Ladies, always match your shoes to the walls you stand in front of for pictures)! I also got these (which are slightly more practical)….SO YEAH, take a look at our super fun but not quite as jam packed but still a good time day in LA!

IMG_1067IMG_1030IMG_1027 2IMG_1028IMG_1068IMG_1052IMG_1031IMG_1034IMG_1033IMG_1036IMG_1188.JPGIMG_1050IMG_1066

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