aloha & aloha | Maui

Aloha (the hello one)! This is the last *official* honeymoon post for you (Let’s be honest, there will be more). Maui was the 3/3 stop on our voyage and the place where we somehow got the most sunburned. Also where I got to recover from strep throat WOOO! (Thank goodness I know a doctor or two…) Yet this might have been my favorite stop on our honeymoon. I love love love Maui. I went there a lot growing up and having a ton of fond memories and it was so fun going to those same places with my new arm candy and making new memories together (:

We stayed at the Grand Wailea and it was so so beautiful! It was so weird because we flew over the international date line from Sydney to Hawaii and the time zone magic happened, and we lived Monday twice (we left Sydney at 9:30pm on Monday night and arrived in Hawaii at 10:00am that same Monday). Weiiiird. But fine by me because I wanted to make the most of our 5ish days! We went to a luau the first night and omg two words- kalua pork. I always thought those pigs in the ground were just for show & like eww how would it actually taste good. My life is forever changed.

We spent the next day/ first full day at the pool all day which was so fun and we were actual children because they had water slides and a water elevator and waterfalls and caves and that is precisely how we got sunburned (water-resistant sunscreen ya right). We also went out into the ocean a lot since I didn’t have to worry about killer jelly fish (looking at you, Australia) and we rented a boogie board and I kid you not, I still have sand in my ears. I honestly had some mad boogie skills but I’d by lying if I said I didn’t do a few underwater cartwheels here and there.

Alec also rented us the perfect Hawaii exploring car- a white Jeep- and we went on a “hike” to “waterfalls”….but it was really pretty and let’s be honest do I seem like I’d actually enjoy a good hike….(if there’s good photo-ops then yes). We drove like 4 hours that day and went to some amazing restaurants which brings me to OH MY GOOOOOODNESS THE FOOD I AM ETERNALLY FAT FROM THIS TRIP. Besides the life-changing luau pork, we ate at a couple amazing restaurants next door at the Four Seasons Maui, the *iconic* Mama’s Fish House and happy hour up in Kapalua by The Montage. I had so much poke I need to get mercury tested.

Maui was the perfect ending to a perfect trip with my perfect hubby (so far). Ok so many words. Time for pictures!! Aloha (the goodbye one)!


his & hers


ever since I first went to Maui I have been copying these statue’s poses so obviously I had to keep the tradition strong. You’d think I’d be a little better at it by now. It’s the thought that counts.
get off 10 hour flight. get on 1 hour flight. wait 1 hour for ride. get to hotel. curl hair. get dressed. arrive at luau. drink wine.


because who doesn’t hike in flip-flops, a romper, and a designer backpack?!
“the Alec pose”


HA you guys this water was so cold and I’m sure there were some freaky animals in there but I am so dedicated to the blog/ the gram that I braved it…for you…
Thanks Jeep! Beep!


IMG_0427 2
real talk. coconut water is not my friend. don’t be fooled.
chasing sunsets



poke nachos with spicy aioli ayyyyo


showing off a certain wedding gift from a certain husband that certainly made me very happy
ahi poke in sesame cones (Spago, you complete me) (you too, Alec)
*goes on Amazon & buys ice cube molds*
This guy’s skills were fire. Ha. Ha.
I love this dress from Alec! You go babe!
are. you. joking. (call me, Ferraro’s <3)
IMG_0399 2
If you didn’t get shaved ice, did you even go to Hawaii?
He kills me

IMG_0480 2

There it is again #TAP (The Alec Pose)
Alec trying to ride the dolphin….
Our last meal. The Grand Wailea treated us like royalty. Thank you for bringing bubbles to brunch ❤

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